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  1. Upgrading/improving roads [other than a better surface] is a complete waste of time. Roads always fill to capacity, so a very expensive and pointless task as you end up with same congestion. https://www.wired.com/2014/06/wuwt-traffic-induced-demand/
  2. I totally agree, the thousands killed on the roads every year and the hundreds of thousands injured with some ending up crippled and in wheelchairs can only be a good thing. Such people obviously deserve to suffer. </sarcasm> BTW speed limits are not just about safety but traffic flow. Make the main roads into city 50mph and you'll simply get gridlock when too much traffic gets to centre at the same time.
  3. Apparently ITV are filming a sitcom called 'Brief Encounters' about the Anne Summers shops.
  4. I seem to recall putting a hospital on the land was going to happen at one point, but like every other idea for the site I guess that in the end it simply wasn't financially viable.
  5. Also some slip roads have traffic lights on them too. ---------- Post added 12-02-2016 at 20:55 ---------- I have driven at 20mph on the motorway. Why? A couple of times because the fog was so thick, one couldn't see the next cat's eye in the road. I drove as far left as possible because despite the conditions, some complete morons were whizzing past at 70-80mph. The chance of such braindead speed merchants using the inside lane as they are meant to was slim because idiots who drive fast like that won't use the 'slow' lane. But even so I stayed close to the side. Thank god it was late at night and relatively quiet, it would have been carnage otherwise. Seen similar morons overtaking slow moving traffic on inside lane on the pack ice covering the middle lane that had not yet been cleared off the road. Outside lane was a snow drift and it was still snowing heavily.
  6. Well Victorian era shots in Dr Who were filmed in Swansea a while back. Not because Swansea is still stuck in that era, but because there were a group of houses from that time that were not too modernised and perfect to use for period shooting. Same thing will apply to using any location. I worked on a film that was set in the 1960s. The location of Wentworth Village was chosen because it's part of Wentworth Estate which means no replacing doors with modern ones, no satellite dishes or altering the properties. We only had to hide yellow lines to make it look of the time. Finding a 1960s kitchen was the hard part, but one house luckily had an kitchen even older than that decade which was just perfect. Shame the period fridge died a month or two earlier as we had to take big modern replacement out of the kitchen for shooting.
  7. You seem extremely determined to prove how little you know. You are nothing more than an insulting anonymous troll. Being a member of most cycling clubs will give you insurance as will joining British Cycling , The CTC or similar bodies. I also need insurance as I sometimes teach kids how to ride safely on the roads and avoid idiots like the ones posting anti-cyclist nonsense here on SF. ---------- Post added 12-02-2016 at 18:06 ---------- Your posts read like satire, except sadly they are not. Bigotry, the inability to spell, use correct grammar or be nice go hand in hand. As usual.
  8. Boris Johnson a leading conservative politician is a leading cycle campaigner. Our conservative Prime Minister is also know to ride bikes, so what was your point again? Ah yes like most bigots you do not have one, just insults and zero facts.
  9. No it was patronising and insulting, a theme you kept up throughout which indicates you were starting as you mean to go on. I don't find anything amusing about bullies who think killing and maiming other people is acceptable. How about I joke about people abusing your children, murdering your family or torturing your pets, just for a laugh as that then makes it all OK. You quite rightly wouldn't like that I wager as it is not acceptable. So please explain why bullying people off the roads, if you haven't killed or maimed them just so one can spend a few seconds longer waiting at next traffic lights. All whilst deludedly thinking you can save time on your journey home is funny or reasonable?
  10. Being an insulting and ignorant bigot only make you look foolish. Bikes can cost more than cars, so hardly 'scrap' and those who commute are keen cyclists tend to be richer than those who just drive. As for payouts it would be the same as any other such claim against individuals, you do not need insurance for that. Insurance is mandatory for motor vehicles because they cause so much damage, so very regularly. Bikes do not, so no need for insurance. Anyway, like many keen cyclists I am insured. ---------- Post added 12-02-2016 at 17:43 ---------- I bet your struggle to even vote at all with your grasp of reality. Probably be UKIP or National Front judging by your ignorance, bigotry and hatred if you could even manage to find polling station.
  11. Do you mean whilst driving? Once. When a car stopped on an empty roundabout at night for no reason at all. Which I now realise was an insurance scam, having later heard about numerous other such incidents where the car in front deliberately causes a rear end shunt to make a dodgy claim Whilst cycling, cars overtake me and immediately turn left or more frequently brake as there is nowhere to for them to go once they pass me. Idiots even try overtaking as I'm slowing down for red traffic lights. Managed to avoid them all bar two morons who overtook me and turned left I was whilst passing junction they wanted to turn into. I now take primary position on the road to minimise the danger whenever necessary. Primary position is the middle of the lane and is used to prevent people passing you when it isn't safe. Primary is the default position for any vehicle including bikes. However cyclists usually ride in secondary position as a courtesy to drivers to allow overtaking [if safe to do so]. The really stupid thing about the idiotic and dangerous overtaking by cars is that around town I'm much faster on a bike than they are. I have a car but rarely use it around town as it's quicker and easier to cycle places.
  12. Dear me. One of the dumbest things I've yet heard from bigots on this topic. What other nonsense are you going to make up?
  13. Road deaths and injuries due to motor vehicles are in the hundreds of thousands a year. Cycling instead of driving reduces those numbers, this also reduces air pollution and overall burden on the NHS, so they are lowering costs on the system and as well as minimising deaths and injuries. So what was your point again? Oh yes you don't have one. So your post is either a load of gibberish or satire, hard to tell really.
  14. It was exactly what I was hoping people would be smart enough not to do, because the whole point of post was the fact that drivers love to blame everyone else for every little infraction. The inconvenient fact they choose to ignore is that they are the ones killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people every year. You're welcome to the very ignorant and cliche award for cognitive dissonance certainly. Cars jump lights ALL the time, yet drivers will very rarely admit to it. All they want to do is attack others to divert blame. Drivers kill tens of people people every day, cyclist do this so rarely I cannot even find any stats for it. Drivers kill more people a year in the UK than Al Qaeda managed to by hijacking + crashing planes on 9/11, one of the worst terrorist attacks. However even more people died because of driving as a result of avoiding flying after 9/11 than in the attacks.
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