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  1. dont knock on my door as a cold bucket of water often offends
  2. hose them when you see them they stop coming in garden i had to do it for a couple of weeks now they dont visit anymore and it's harmless
  3. go to B&Q they do a shed alarm £15 very loud and really good takes about 15 - 20 mins to fit. for the sake of £15 it can save you buying new lawn mowers and stuff here's the link http://www.diy.com/diy/jsp/bq/nav.jsp?isSearch=true&fh_search=shed+alarm&x=15&y=7 had mine for 9 months never had to change battery yet lol scares life out of me when i forget to turn it off
  4. i like to be helpfull lol sounds like you need to get someone out pretty quick cause you dont want the water gushing out but dont get ripped off. good luck sazz keep us informed sorry i cant help anymore
  5. my money i work hard for it i'll choose how i want to spend it
  6. where the hose connects to the wall if you turn of the water with the little tap thing disconnect the hose there should be a little rubber washer in the end make sure they haven't perished. check see if the pipe is wet. when you say its built in can you pull out the dish washer ??
  7. i do too i get them from j.t.f just off parkway do some good deals on fireworks
  8. i agree some people cant but they could always pop along to an organised event i will be buying some usually spend about £200 and have all the family round. love them im like a big kid
  9. i was gonna say the black rubber washers in the hose might have perished but it sounds by your comments its coming from inside the machine ??? id call someone who deals with washers and stuff good luck hope you get it sorted
  10. it so is id rather share my dogs food and that aint a lie
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