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  1. The German market in manchester probably turns over £50 million because they charged £5 for a bratwurst and £4 for a pint of budvar in a plastic cup. Sheffielders are not as stupid as mancs when it comes to overpriced rubbish.
  2. This thread makes me angry. I don't post on 'SheffieldForum' very often, but I am a long time reader as I find it an incredibly useful resource. I must confess that I often see posts and threads that annoy me, most likely because my views seem to differ from the majority, but I often ignore it. For some reason I feel compelled to reply because I am at a loss to understand the thoughts and reasoning behind some of the residents of our great city. Sheffield is a wonderful, amazing place. I'm 22 and I have lived here all my life. I'm sure everyone will agree with me that there is no other city quite like Sheffield in the country in terms of its people, its character. The city feels like a great place to live. It is a great place to live. I constantly read threads on this forum that are complaints, complaints about the buses, the lack of good shopping, poor nightlife (which isn't as bad as people think), and as in the case of this thread, complaints about Sheffield's regeneration. I'll be the first to admit the city is rubbish when it comes to shopping, and buses, and the majority of complaints on here are valid ones. What city doesnt have its faults? I've been to Leeds and Manchester, and they do have the shops (and the rubbish buses, and poor roads), what they don't have is that something special, that factor that keeps students in Sheffield, that makes me not want to leave. I can't quite figure out what it is exactly, perhaps its just the general feeling that we know we're great and don't care what anyone else thinks. Anyway, I diverge from my point. Although I'm not exactly sure what my point is. People often complain on this forum that through the regeneration Sheffield is losing its soul, its purpose & its heritage. I was born in 1986, just after the so-called 'Golden Age' of Sheffield. I grew up when it became crap, run down and depressing. But even through all that, it never lost its 'soul', or 'heritage', otherwise I wouldn't be so proud to be from Sheffield today. You have to remember that times do change, things get knocked down, things get built. In the 1960's the council (and I know the germans were to blame too!) knocked down hundreds of old victorian buildings to make way for the markets, the moor, the grosvenor, the egg box. Some horrible architecture that has blighted the city in my opinion, yet is often regarded fondly as Sheffields heritage. The glory days of the 1960's ended along time ago, and Sheffield suffered. It deserved better and it didn't get it. Sheffield is regenerating. It makes me proud to see cranes in my city. Buildings constructed far and wide for the first time in years. The economy is growing. People on this forum often argue that Sheffield 'lacks' when compared to Leeds and Manchester, yet in the same sentence critisise the regeneration for making Sheffield a clone of Leeds and Manchester. Certainly, it can be argued that some of the buildings construced lack architectural merit. I sympathise with the views of posters on this forum. If you don't like a building, then you don't like it! Personally, I hate the moor car park and the building opposite the peace gardens, but at the same time I love them because they symbolise that Sheffield is making a comeback. If in 20 years they are still panned, then demolish them. Sheffield has been doing that for years. The Conran tower is a wonderful, understated building that i feel will become a Sheffield landmark, like the arts tower and hallamshire hospital. Ugly? yes. Sheffield? Definately. Would it be the same if we demolished them? No. Some of the new buildings are amazing, daring, and brilliant. Has the soul of Sheffield been lost? Is it being destroyed? I don't think so. Sheffield was at a far greater risk of losing its soul during the mass destruction of the 1960's, yet those schemes helped Sheffield become incredibly prosperous. These new buildings don't harm the city, they compliment it. Sheffield is great already. Imagine Sheffield with amazing shopping to rival Leeds and Manchester. Wouldn't that make our amazing city one of the best, if not the best? We need to compete & grow, we need to change. Change or die. But that doesn't mean things have to be lost. Embrace it. Show interest in what is being built. Be proud that Sheffield is and will be even better, even if it doesn't get on the weather map. Apologies for my rant.
  3. Harry Cooper was my Great Great Uncle through his wife Phyllis who died several years ago. We hadn't had much contact recently and we were all saddened to hear of his death. Unfortunately none of our side of the family were asked to attend his funeral, and only learned of it from reading it in the paper. .
  4. The first couple bought the house in Bradway, although i'd actually say it was almost in Greenhill...
  5. CorpG

    Quick question regarding coolant...

    Yeah, if your new stuff is a green/blue colour then you'll be fine.
  6. CorpG

    Quick question regarding coolant...

    It depends on if the coolant you have bought is the same stuff that is already in your motorbike, if it is, then its perfectly fine to dump some more in. Usually similar coolants have similar colours. My car uses OAT coolant which is a red/orange colour & i've added more with no problems. Mixing in non OAT coolant (blue/green) however would cause it to react and turn to sludge. Hope this helps.
  7. CorpG

    Crazy golf in Sheffield

    No longer there, they built a carpark on it. It was rubbish anyway. http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=swm3vjgw7df9&style=o&lvl=2&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&scene=7746199&encType=1
  8. CorpG

    Abbey Lane! Whats happening!

    The roadworks in Bradway are something to do with the gas. They did our road a few months ago, replacing everyones pipes and digging up everyones drive in the process. They've been doing it on Bradway Road for a few weeks now, its mighty annoying. I'm not sure what is so terrible about the gas pipes in our area.
  9. Parking is free on the roads around hunters bar, Hunter House Road, Guest Road etc, if you don't mind a 10 minute walk to where you are going. Unfortunately finding a space can mean driving around for a bit but you usually come across one eventually. http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&time=&date=&ttype=&q=hunter+house+road+sheffield&sll=50.828382,-0.177455&sspn=0.010233,0.028667&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1
  10. My girlfriend lives on Harefield Road which is the next one along, and I can confirm that the parking is pay and display around there (mon-sat 8-6:30) Its 20p per hour, with a max stay of 4 hours on parts of Stalker Lees and 2 hours on the other roads, usually spaces available. Hope that helps!
  11. Fire at a bread factory! Ban all bread!
  12. CorpG

    Town today??? 19 november 06

    No, they are prevented from opening late by the Sunday trading laws.
  13. CorpG

    Save ****.cfg from notepad?

    If you open an existing cfg file in notepad ie file.cfg, pressing 'save as' should open the save file dialog box and 'file.cfg' should already be written for you in the filename section, click save and it will prompt you to overwrite and will retain the .cfg extension. Ignore the 'Save as Type' bit. Pressing ctrl-s or 'save' should just save the file with the same name automatically rather than open the dialog. If its a new file that you are creating, when you go to save the file just type in the name including the extension ie. 'file.cfg' It should save it as a cfg file. Again, Ignore the 'Save as Type' bit You may also need to change your settings (as zach describes) to make this work. Not sure tho.
  14. CorpG

    Staff cuts at Debenhams?

    Yep. Which one of these 25 ties looks best with this shirt?
  15. CorpG

    Staff cuts at Debenhams?

    As someone who used to work on the mens department I can confirm the amount of tills available is the same, but instead of being split over two till points they were merged into 1 about 2 years ago, apparently having one large till point is better than 2 smaller ones. As for staffing, the amount of staff has reduced over the years and due to budget cuts staff were leaving and not being replaced immediately. Some evenings there were only 2 of us running the whole floor, and if someone needed the toilet I was left on my own to man the tills, the fitting rooms, serve customers on formal shirts, sell luggage... Im glad I dont work there now.

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