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  1. My condolences to his family, did some work for Dave a few years ago fosters promotions and formula 1 racing with a huge scalextric set some good times would probably not of thought i could be so outgoing if not for him. Cheers for the good times r.i.p. Mark x
  2. What are other Dj's views on this Did you know it excisted ( i found out yesterday ??) Have asked my regular venues if they know about it ( no they dont ??). All though my days of carrying vinyl and cd's are far behind me and i do use a Laptop now purley because it is so much easier than lugging cases around. I would not class my self as DJ more of a provider of required music and entertainment for the respected gig. But how on earth can this license be enforced. I found 1 web page with a tarriff : http://www.prsformusic.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/ProDub%20Licence/produb_tariff.pdf Is the license for music you are going to get in that year or is it music karaoke files you already have ??? And what of the money you have already paid for the tracks in the first place. The venue surley is responsible for the license to play music/ bands entertainment. Anybody got any views or even some more Info??
  3. Does anybody know of A DANCE/FAST VERSION OF HERO BY enrique ingalsias AVAILABLE ON KARAOKE. been asked for it by a regular at my gigs have been all over the net/sunfly ect and cant see it anywhere if anybody has it or knows what disk company made it could you let me know thanks very much.
  4. as i cant do 1 word answer cos it too short have typed all this just to say: LOL
  5. Wow a lot of response I reserve my right to have my opinion changed and perhaps the 50's are not dead, Would it therefore be right in saying that all music is timeless?? Perhaps that is the beauty of music.
  6. Will reply properly when i finished at work with a couple or more timeless eighties lol, but i do agree that certain songs from various decades are and will be timeless, but as a whole the 50's has passed, can the 60's really go the same way or live on and on.
  7. Maybe i am is just what i see others see things differently. I personally like all music and each has its own appeal but i do think the 50's has had its day.
  8. It's ok to disagree is a discussion after all think we all have views. I would still say that in mainstream music the 50's has had its day despite numerous covers by 60's 70's 80's artists, to be totaly honest i can see the 60's still going long after the 70's and 90's era has passed i omit the 80's as i think this was yet another era where the music could be timeless.
  9. Was that " His master's Voice " records seem to remember a small white dog on the labels might be wrong lol
  10. Great playlist you got especially liked rolf harris doing stairway to heaven been a few years since i last dug that tune out.
  11. You and many others i have spoken too on this subject seem to agree that the 60's will never stop being around on the mainstream circuit, it may be that this will be the case, and i can certainly see it lasting for another 20 to 30 years at least, I DJ myself and often get 18 19 year old's asking for some motown ect. The nearest i get to the fifties is elvis lol. But the 60's has to die sometime doesn't it??
  12. The demise of 50's music has come and gone in less than 50 years (perhaps even less), and i mean this as in Mainstream music, I.E radio local dj pubs clubs ect, there is still the odd themed night. So the question how long before the 60's era of music goes the same way as the 50's.
  13. cheers peeps great idea's, some good tunes in there many of which are played by ME (lol) at my friday residency, much to the dismay of some of the older clientel lmao.
  14. Damm well spotted jake. Stone Roses - I wanna be adored 1985/1987 depending on release
  15. DR WHO Apparently i used to hide behind the setee when the Daleks were on lol.
  16. Cheers thats 6 songs for the playlist so far lol
  17. Thanks to both of you have found the right part now going to get direct from HP least i know the money will be well spent ( just under 40 quid ) have found some others at 20 quid range but think they may just cause the same problem again in a couple of months. Thanks again mark
  18. Whats one of them ??? and where would i get it from ?? am struggling to find original power supply for my laptop cant seem to match part numbers up.
  19. I dont seem to remember a problem with the old power supply i had to get a new one about 3 months ago perhaps you could be right and another power supply could solve this annoying isssue seems very low quality adapters though if they only lasting a couple of months, will try and find the relevant adapter for this model from the manufacturer rather than ebay in china lol thanks for your input
  20. Can we assume due to the lack of idea's that the 90's was not a good decade for music lol,
  21. Hi, When i run my laptop (compaq nx9005) from its battery i have no problem with my graphic's ( i run a karaoke so tv out to seperate monitors ), As soon as i plug in my power lead for the lap top I get interferance in the form of wavey lines picture degregation to the point where the words are no longer visable and even the dreaded blue screen from the other monitors/tv's. If i unplug the power cord from the laptop everything is ok again. Now i know the obvious way round this is to make sure i just use the battery ( doh) but on some occasions I.e and 8 hour gig (yes i do have thease) i can not run on the battery for the full gig. Any suggestions as to stopping the interferance from the laptop's power source, any help appreciated thanks mark
  22. Have probably posted this in wrong section but will see if it gets moved LOL. OK your on a night out, you go into a 90's night what 3 or more songs would you be dissapointed if they where NOT Played ?? Or to put it another way, whats your Top 3 or more 90's song when on a night out?? I use the words ON A NIGHT OUT out because i like for example ( Enya - Return to innocence ) but i would not want to hear it when in a party mood on a night out. ANYWAY ENOUGH WAFFLE lets see what you all think. :)
  23. Is it possible to connest a lap top to a desk top the reason i ask is i want to scan the registry ect on the laptop and i have regecure installed on desktop. thanks mark
  24. Hi have just noticed that some of the things on my keyboard have changed around for wxample my @ key is now shift 2 rather than its own key next to the return key also various others are not what they should be has only just recently occured any ideas how to revert it back to how it was or should be ??
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