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  1. tried magic eye in 2nd rf and there was no light, wondering now if magic eye is faulty
  2. I have an aerial into my upstairs tv, not a box. I did get sky for a while. I have a cable in my 2nd rf for that tv
  3. I originally had an aerial from my sky dish to the tv in my bedroom which worked for about a month. I now cant get a signal on my tv to even get digital and was told that I needed a magic eye. As the aerial is connected to my sky dish would I connect the magic eye to that aerial and tv or does it have to go in the sky box. Any help appreciated.
  4. I am wanting to replace my front and back doors for upvc ones. Any recommendations. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know where I can do a basic First Aid course where I will get a certificate at the end of it.
  6. content removed. For quotes please follow forum terms and conditions and place an ad in the Classifieds under jobs.
  7. It was closed at 2.30am when I came home from work
  8. I had the same problem several years ago in a house I used to live in. Mine was a council house and theirs was private. They didn't want my son using the back way to get on our garden so they locked the gate. I got in touch with the council and they told me that it was my right of way and my access path was so many feet away (can't remember exactly) from their building at the back of the house. Also you must have access for emergency services. When they were confronted with this information they took the lock off the gate.
  9. Ecclesfield on The Common, opposite the Travellers. We never go anywhere else. And they do deliver. Tel 0114 2467632
  10. What bus do I need to catch to go from Shalesmoor to the care home on Stanwood Rd at Stannington
  11. Corner of Hatfield House Lane and Bellhouse Road was cordoned off at 3am when I came home from work
  12. Wanting a 3 bed council house in Shiregreen/Lane Top/Firth Park area to swap for 3 bed council house in Rushden, Northants.
  13. If you shop at Infirmary Rd on a regular basis you could not fail to miss the banner that said 'closed on Boxing day' or the posters. There were at least 4 large posters and 3 smaller ones around the entrance and on the drive and tram stop and they had been there since Friday 14th December.
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