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  1. Aldi. It's the cheapest place and quality stuff, people just need to get through the snob quirk
  2. They didn't legalise it in Portugal they decrimininalised it, it is now a civil offence. It has been very successful the prison population dropped, petty crime was lowered etc. If people offend then they have to attend rehab as it costs way less than keeping someone locked up.k
  3. Jabbers used to be a right laugh on here.
  4. Ultimate price? 3 babies left alone night after night in an unlocked apartment, while their parents dined in the gated tapas bar area. Boy, some price!
  5. It is true. You can't lock the patio doors from the outside, only the inside. The McCanns freely admitted that they had left the doors unlocked. That was only after it morphed from the jemmied shutter, which turned out to be impossible.
  6. Well they have lost their appeal now, the highest Portuguese court rejected it yesterday.
  7. http://thegaspersstatement.blogspot.co.uk/
  8. A serious sex assault on a 21 year old woman.
  9. That is a nice thing to hear, I love that shop they have some real bargains.
  10. Daughter Michelle, she ended up on Page 3 of The Sun, did a few adverts for Ann Summers
  11. Well I would sure hate to go on a pub crawl round that lot!! Think even marathon runners would be hard pushed. I'll go with Daven if you are on a pub crawl on a night out there are three pubs in Stannington.
  12. I know they died. I was wondering if the lady was Freda who I know lived there in the 1980s when I lived near, I think she might be in her 90s now but thought they could have moved in the last 30 odd years?
  13. How awful. Does anyone know who they were?
  14. Clements was in PDL http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3643373/PICTURED-sinister-holiday-villa-paedophile-MP-Clement-Freud-hosted-McCanns-weeks-Madeleine-vanished.html Cliff has got a vine yard further up the coast at Guia near to Albufeira called Vida Nova
  15. Errr... I have read the thread otherwise I wouldn't have commented. Someone is in the car to drop off a kid, sat there engine on, moves in an instant, it is like being distracted by a few seconds to move from a red traffic light when it moves to green. Puts car in gear and moves. ---------- Post added 29-05-2016 at 21:41 ---------- So when you drive down a road in heavy traffic you just nudge up every 5 feet an leave every drive clear all the time?
  16. But there was someone in the car that could move it within a minute, so what was the problem?
  17. Didn't they own the garage that used to be next door to the old postoffice/papershop?
  18. In trouble again today. http://www.itv.com/news/calendar/2016-05-12/kerry-needham-defends-operation-ben-after-drink-binge-claims/
  19. I think To kill a mockingbird is my favourite book. I did it for O'level and the teacher I had at the time was brilliant, I had always loved reading but she really brought to details the way to 'read a book' and it has stayed with me forever. That is the only half decent thing I can say about my schooling.
  20. Not any more, I cancelled all direct debits when kate McCann was made an ambassador for the Missing people charity. What a joke!!
  21. I cancelled all my DD (3 of them) when Kate McCann was made ambassador for Missing Children, what a joke. I only donate to local charities and would never donate to the bigger ones again.
  22. http://www.nursezone.com/nursing-news-events/more-features/Who-Let-the-Dogs-In-Hospitals-Discover-the-Benefits-of-Animal-Interventions_22048.aspx Lots of benefits
  23. I suppose the mother of the young man who was knocked down on Stannington Road a couple of years ago, was very glad indeed that a "medical expert"was passing by, when Daven stepped in the help!!
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