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  1. Hi, Jean Poole was my mum. She passed away in June this year. Why are you looking for her?
  2. The worst holiday i've ever had was in Dacia in Corfu. The beach (?) consisted of nothing but pebbles and cigarette ends, the apartment (?) was situated in the middle of some fields, we were surrounded by chickens, cockerels, goats etc and there was no street lighting (luckily we had been advised to take a torch). We had to hire 2 fans so that we could breathe at night (we daren't leave the windows open cos of the mozzies), and i got bitten to death by the bloody things and ended up at the medical centre. Never ever again. Also, I'd just like to say that i love Malta and am thinking of going there again later this year.
  3. Same here in Mosborough, since 10pm last night. My daughter who lives in Stannington says hers is working ok. Ironic that as i'm typing this a 3 advert with 'the network built for the internet' is on tv
  4. The huge turbine at the B&Q distribution centre terrifies me, I have to put the sun visor down whenever i drive past so I can't see the big swishy arms! (going cold just talking about it)
  5. Ha ha!! Tried them but can't sleep as I can hear the blood rushing round in my ears!!
  6. Ecclefeccan - heard it on tv, brilliant word!!
  7. Five pages of posts and I'm still no wiser as to what the plane was flying round for!! It stopped me from getting to sleep in Mosborough last night, and I've felt rubbish all day at work today, so will whoever it is please go and fly somewhere else tonight as I'm working tomorrow too.
  8. they have put up my retirement age twice which now means I can't retire until I'm 66 - it should have been 64 which was bad enough, but then they decided to up the retirement age early which means that I got clobbered twice.
  9. Hi I have this book too, its really interesting and very informative
  10. Just wanted to say a big 'thank you' to Avante Removals for an excellent job when we moved house last Friday - you guys were great and made a stressful day a lot easier. Cheers!
  11. To be honest we've had no problems with Haybrooks at Gleadless. We got a valuation from them which was what we were expecting, and they got us quite a few viewings within the first 2 days, and the house was sold within 5 days. They do seem to shift a lot of houses in our area.
  12. You could hire them out as scarecrows - make a bit of money out of them both
  13. A couple who live near to us have just paid £12,000 to have solar panels installed. It's going to take a good few years before they start to make any profit from them
  14. My cuckoo clock that I bought 31 years ago - it stills works perfectly
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