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  1. I shouted to you from the stand above after the match & relegation. I used to live on Ellerton Road. We used to play football in Firth Park with Glen Shaw, Griffins etc back in the days of Punk! or Uriah Heep for some :-)
  2. Last time I saw you John was at the Palace match !
  3. The topis is here on Sheffield History http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=4763&hl=woodhill
  4. Sorry - for some reason I always think of that as Grimesthorpe!
  5. I understand they are knocking down all the houses on Skinnerthorpe Road - has that started yet?
  6. Didn't Osbournes have a large factory in Ecclesfield too - my dad was made redundant from there is 1981 when that closed.
  7. St Thomas is in Wincobank - St margarets is the church on Jenkin Road Brightside. Hope that helps!
  8. My great granddad gave this as his address in 1914 - I cannot find on any old maps. Does anyone know where this street may have been (they later lived in Hawke Street so it may be at Grimesthorpe end?). Many thanks!
  9. Thanks Linda, Do you know them to speak to? I have loads of them in my family tree from 1850's - they were a very big family but seem to have disappeared - haven't managed to track any down recently. If you do know them and they are interested in some family history perhaps you could PM me their address, if not, no problem. Thanks again.
  10. Skehan, Skain, Skeen, Skane, Skean, Skein in the Tinsley/Sheffield/Rotherham area ? Thanks.
  11. Thanks a lot Their surname was Bennett. My great grandfather was a miner - my Grandad told me at a pit you walked into (ie did not have a vertical shaft) somewhere off Holywell Rd? He later became some sort of carter and they later lived on Hawke Street which must have been a joy. My own grandparent lived on Skelwith Road for many years
  12. Hi Can anyone help help me? My Mum reckons that her grandparents lived in a house on road on the left just before the Upwell Street bridge - where the Gas Depot was/is? This would have been before WW11. Does anyone know if there were houses there for the gas depot? Did the road have a name? Thanks.
  13. My Grandparents lived up Jenkin Road and I remember that on a Sunday night my Granddad would take a couple of glass pop bottles down to the Sun and have them filled with beer from the off sales window. We'd get a small bottle of orangeade and a packet of Nib-its and walk back up the hill to watch the Onedin Line! Never been in the pub though!
  14. Yes I remember her too Miss Sandham I think!
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