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  1. used to drink in all the pubs on norfek park.
  2. used to go in the fellburig years back it was a top place in it,s day.
  3. say one thing about living there... it,s peacefull.
  4. shore has who ever... good lord... us older folk hase they are at the mow the ---------- Post added 10-12-2012 at 10:42 ---------- shore has who ever... good lord... us older folk hase they are at the mow the one,s nice garden,s are now cold.
  5. I used to used to2 go2 a petral stition on manerpark center with my veper scooteru.
  6. usd too live neer city road... recall one there.
  7. l say there,s too much boose around....
  8. it seems to me that our citys has spent a load of cash andgone nowhere:hihi:
  9. haiving studdyed all the points made regards the low life who strip cash from everday foke l truleley scanning the shops for things of intrest I myself hate the like
  10. OMG... Saw this show for the first time... so runny:cool:
  11. my wife,s in2 cats bigtime while I only take to her last two realy strongly. strang perhaps.
  12. understand a prog about this subject is on tv later today so one of my carers will be watching for shure...
  13. I hate smoking myself so can.t stand being around fag smoke and would happly see them banned.
  14. don,t get many pubs open or enlarge these days.
  15. yet another new Sheffield construction.s gone to the wall.
  16. Used to tnke my then gf in the stonehouse for food & drink was first class.
  17. who can tell me what,s to be done with the old gas holders at wincobank... they have been out of use along time and seem tobe a blot....
  18. Hada Vesper yonks ago and made my own backrest ous off an old boaered and pillow case was sound.
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