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  1. i will put yer four quid on that,, go on then get yer bets down, you cant handle my pictures ah ya jesseys ya no match fer me:hihi:
  2. scopadiddle is the old derbyshire tongue for "crayfish" hang me if im not right
  3. OUCH !!!! hope your son is ok now you see all the good folks are not extinct !! well not in sheffield anyway:)
  4. hi and welcome to Sheffield (city blessed by the gods)
  5. It was as you thought ! but some people have read a little more into it than was originally implied ?? At the time of posting i was watching the salman rushdie debarcle on the telly !!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you very much !!!
  6. me too ?? the pills help after the last ban
  7. YAAAAAAAAY !!! nabsdabs dives in the thread !!!! me me me me me me :hihi:
  8. or the incessant haribo ads every time the kids seem to be off school ?? really good for lining dentists pockets absolutely no good for your health !!! even though they do taste nice ??
  9. MY point "WE" dont have freedom of sppech !!!
  10. which is why i started the thread !!! after both my dad and grandad fought for the liberties of the people of this country in both world wars that it should be taken away by the few who have the necessary powers to stifle our voices to their own ends!!!! we all get this type of rebuke on a daily basis from the likes of politicians teachers bank managers or the swine who works in the shop at hillsborough?? ie jumped up little hitlers that only hear the words they speak and not those spoken to them ?????
  11. forget the perfume his online store is a right royal treat for the lads :hihi:
  12. Nothing implied nothing intended !!! Do we really have freedom of speech or are there too many barriers placed in the way nowadays that hurdling over them stifles our freedom ???? your thoughts please... thank you
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