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  1. SooperDooper, I am the aforementioned Daisy!! Saw Pete and Brad on a visit back to Sheffield last year - been trying to treack down Steve Jubb for a while with no luck
  2. For anyone who remembers Rob "Dingo" Dowling we are having a little get together on September 19th at the Queens Social Club starting around 7 p.m. There will be music from We are Sparta FC performing a variety of punk/new wave/old wave covers and the reforming of Tsi-Tsa for a one off gig with all the original members except Dingo. No cover charge but we might be happy if you made a donation to the family as a remembrance. Lots of old Limit folk will be there including Paul Unwin the DJ who will be attending in non-DJ capacity.
  3. Yes Sadly Dingo passed away after an extremely short battle with Stomach Cancer, from Diagnosis to his death was about a month. He battled valiantly and as I mentioned he was cheerful and stoic until a couple of days before e died when the pain medication made him thankfully sleepy. It is another passing too young of another person from our youth. He did however make a request befoe he died that there be an "after-party" to celebrate his life and I understand the Royal Standard was full and a good time was had by all with two local bands playing their hearts out - he would have loved it.
  4. Nicely put - there were some great pictures up on facebook including one of Dingo and Becky at the Broadfield - it fair brought a tear to my eye. I was very fortunate to have talked to Dingo a number of times during his last month and he remained stoically cheerful and yet somewhat resigned to his fate. Lets make sure we get together in March although I am playing golf in Oregon March 2-5, I spend a far amount of time in San Jose so anytime you are in the Campbell area definitely let me know. All the best Daisy.
  5. Its beena little over a month now but one of the Limits greatest supporters and a great local songwriter/musician left us recently. Rob"Dingo" Dowling passed away at the beginning of December after a short battle with Cancer. One of my favorite Dingo stories concerned the limit and he may be the only person to ever break out of the club as he got locked in the toilets one night after imbibing a little too much. I think he eventually go out through the elevator used to bring band gear in but we always used to have a good laugh about that one. Next time you are having a tipple, raise a glass to Dingo and many others who graced the floor, stage, chairs and are sadly no longer with us
  6. OOps just realized you were talking about Mike Turner but quoted me - I am devastated!
  7. Mick Fienes was the manager of Ward 2 at the Northern General Hospital when I was a student Nurse there - he was a very nice bloke and well respected.
  8. Thank god someone had a crush on me - so nice to hear that 29 years or so later - lol I have very fond memories of the nurses residence and you are right it was bloody freezing on some of those mornings. I am actually in the United States - San Francisco to be exact, but my memories from Middlewood are amongst some of the best of my working life.
  9. One of my proudest moments ever was when Kevin Bacon (bass player for the Comsats) asked us to suport them at the Polytechnic down near the train station. we were blown away by what a real sound system sounded like and the Comsats were good enough to make sure some of their rider food and beverage got sent our way. Kevin produced two tracks for Tsi-Tsa, Feeling like a whisper and Billinghams Island at Fairview Studios in Hull and our guitarist, Mick Hercun went on to play on tour with the Comsats.
  10. Of Course, Pete Eason was the lead singer in both Yah Boo and The Negatives and now fronts a band called the Wildcats who play in Sheffield on a semi-regular basis. Still chat with Nigel and John from the Stunt Kites and one of my bands played with them at the Penguin in Shiregreen a millio years ago. Someone else mentioned that the Drummer is now in Sparta FC and that is true, the bass player from my second band (TSI--TSA) is the singer in Sparta and they are cracking - he is Jonathon Wills.
  11. Hello Carla - Its Me Daisy, Just finishing a recording of a few old Tsi-Tsa number with MY KIDS playing the music for gawds sake. Still in regular touch with Dingo, John my Cousin and chatted briefly with Josie a few years ago. Mick went to ground and no one knows where he is at and I chat with Martin occasionally on Facebook through his wife's account.
  12. That was me I believe, if it was the quote about working at the limit. It was originally misquoted in Tony Beesley's original book although I suspect it will get fixed if there is ever a second publication. Wish I had been there and had a couple of questions after seeing the pictures on the facebook site. 1. when did everyone get so old? 2. Did you get the half one bus home? 3. was the beer like **** as it used to be?
  13. QED - you seem to have me at a disadvantage and that makes for a less than nice day (lol) and that makes me less than a happy "day". (for the rest of you I am Michael "Daisy" Day and I live in the USA ergo the Have a nice "day") So reveal yourself or just remind me if I am so old that I have forgotten who you are. "I saw it happen, you saw it happen, I saw it happen, it must be true"
  14. I was at Granville from 1978 to 1980 doing prenursing and was the only lad in my class of about 90. the sterotype of all male nurses being gay was not particularly helped in my case by having the nickname "Daisy" (last name Day) finished prenursing in 1980 - RGN in 1983, RMN 1986, left to work in Hospital in San Francisco in 1987, now working in hospital administration.
  15. Ask your mother - she never throws anythign away. Lots of Love Your Brother Michael
  16. I haven't talked to Dingo for some years - I have been in America for the last 20 so I lost touch with a few folks along the way. I just had a visit from Brad Charlesworth who was the bass player in a fine Sheffield group - The Negatives, and we were laughing about some times in the Limit. how about the following: "Steve to the Wine Bar" Songs - japan - Life in Tokyo, Punishment of Luxury - The puppet Stella at the Wine bar and Blue Nun (the height of luxury) I bartended there for a while on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. tuesday was reggae night and they had some top class bands playing there, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru, Sly and Robbie. Wednesday was an off night and Thursday was nuts because it was Students and Nurses night - two peniless groups that could drink huge quantities of cheap, watered down beer. Steve and Paul attended my 21st birthday party and invited everyone to the limit free afterwards, there were some good guys working there - even the bouncers. Some of the names on previous posts brought back a lot of memories.
  17. In response to a previous question Mick Fidler was the lead singer for Artery and was one of Sheffield's great characters at the time. having been away for so long I have no idea of his current whereabouts or health status but I hope he is well and happy. I heard some very unsubstantiated rumors that he was wandering the streets at one time. And in response to Pete_F_C_S no we don't have any F** City S***ers here in San Franciso we just have S**T F***ers.
  18. Sorry to dissapoint but I am not the legendary Mick Lunney, I am the legendary (at least in my own mind) Michael Day - known to most as "Daisy". I left Sheffield in 1987 and have resided since then in San Francisco. Given that the bands I was in were all over and done with by 1984 at the latest I am an interloper to this thread but have enjoyed this thread so far.
  19. I played there in 1988 I believe it was with my band "Short Circuit", we supported another local band "The Stunt kites" who were a great bunch. both bands were punk and the evening was great. i have a picture somewhere with that beautiful flocked wallpaper in the background. Good Times!
  20. If anyone colects magazines or is interested in some copies of "The face", i have about 100 or so of these in my parents attic. I am missing about 4 of the first 10 but have all the rest up to about 100+ - a very interesting time and a great magazine documentary of music, fashion and taste. contact me via PM if you could pick up in Sheffield - no cost to a good home!! Daisy
  21. occasionally used to stop by ROTT as well as my bandmate Josie Robson occasionally presented on there, I remember that crazy hippy dude from the leadmill - Chris was involved there (around 1981-82) for any of you older farts out there that remember TSI-TSA I just created a myspace page http://www.myspace.com/tsitsamusic and will post songs on there. Currently there are three poor quality old songs and a redo of one of those songs by my son with me singing on it. Cheers
  22. Not sure about 1973 but I do remember seeing a band called Molotoy (sp?) perform in what must have been 77/78 - all clockwork oranged out and crazy singing "Dial, Dial, 999" in a psychotic way. I loved it and it made a change from the usual "film night" in the drama hall which was one of many excuses we had for trying to get inside a girls knickers (post swimming was another good time)
  23. I remember John, he used to work a lot picking up those wretched plastic glasses that we were forced to drink from. Some other characters who always seemed to be there: Pete Eason of the Negatives - a very close friend of mine Gary Cruise (probably spelt wrong) and Mark Wheelen who hung out with Trigger, Dougie, John Hancock and that gang.
  24. My goodness WhiteHorses, I must know you!! I was known as Daisy back then and I was also at Dingo and Ellie's wedding at the New inn on Hemsworth rd. We all used to hang out in the Golden Ball at 8 p.m. and then go to the Three Tuns down the street and that was trigger, delroy and a whole huge gang of folks who would finally end up wandering the west street area. Used to know Ian Williams and a bunch of his friends as well - bought one of my first motorbikes from him actually. happy Days
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