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  1. Well something tells me I shall not be wasting tomorrow posting on here
  2. Erm......I'll be working tomorrow.....all 2 and a quarter of hours of drudgery!
  3. When you break your arm please ask the doctor to twist it and poke it until he finds the fracture as those machines are really expensive too.
  4. How dare you? I am the Princess of Banal Chatter Land and fear I shall soon be exiled to that place for ever and ever and ever.....but I'll still be rich and pretty
  5. When a Moderator unlocks it in order to make their own points but allows no one else to respond. An abuse of power?
  6. so glad you added "toilet" And I can't bring myself to flush them. They are buried outside. But this one has to make it's mind up soon as school pick up is just an hour and a half away? Shall I sing to it?
  7. We also have to remove these items already..and boots.
  8. I read it. I thought about it. And then I got a little bit tipsy until I no longer cared whether I lived or died so I was never gonna be that arsed about the fish was I?
  9. How dare you? I'm here doing all I can to keep the little slimy gits alive! I even gave it a little squeeze to see if it trumped like you suggested but it's eyes bulged and it didn't seem right. I gave it a shake and a run under the cold tap like another mate suggested too. Seriously...me...abuse fish..? tut tut.
  10. Why are guppies necessarily more alert and used as protectors of less acute minded fish?
  11. erm...did he say.......? Oh booger! You've had it now!
  12. Gold dust? Her? More like rust........
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