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  1. Hi The comments made in this thread seem to be similar to a precious thread that I raised. I've been on BBC Sheffield and going on again on Sunday around 7pm. I think with nearly 2696 views of this post it should be copied and sent by email to the local councillors Ibrar.Hussain@sheffield.gov.uk talib.hussain@sheffield.gov.uk jackie.drayton@sheffield.gov.uk alanslaw@sky.com Lord Mayor john.campbell@sheffield.gov.uk If somebody could figure out how to send a copy of this post attached to an email or send them a link would be helpful. The more people the better who complain to them would be helpful. Raise it with local councillors that's what they their for. There is a meeting on 6th June at Pakistani Advice Centre. I have encouraged all the councillors to attend who represent the local area. I will be sending a copy of their post to all the councillors. Hopefully they will turn up to be meeting on the 6th June at 6pm. See you all there. Please email them your thoughts.
  2. Thanks for the comment. Not helpful though. What do you suggest?
  3. From cllr Talib "Next meeting is on 6th June. Last one was last Thursday. And it's always 1st Thursday every month at Pakistan advice centre at 6pm. Regards Talib Councillor Talib Hussain Councillor for Burngreave Ward Member of Police and crime panel E-mail .talib.hussain@sheffield.gov.uk Mobile. 07894413952" Hope he does not mind me posting his contact details...then again residents should have them. ;-) ---------- Post added 18-05-2013 at 21:46 ---------- Been invited onto the BBC Radio Sheffield at 8.07am regarding the issues. Anybody got any further questions please email me and I shall try (if given the opportunity) to put them forward.
  4. I have been invited on the BBC Radio Sheffield on Monday at 7am to discuss the issues further. Thank you all for your posts. Some helpful, some not. If anybody has any practical ideas I could put forward please do reply. I believe David Blunkett is coming on air.
  5. Well well...lots of replies and some of you think that I am doing this for myself. Not show how that happened. Don't even live in page hall any more. Bigger bins...thought this was an idea but obviously some of you think that this is the wrong suggestion. Instead of criticising (which does not get anybody anywhere) can some of you suggest constructive ideas. I have seen the star paper in the link and glad that David is considering doing up the roads in the area. Ali.
  6. Hi all I'm approached by a number of residents in Firth Park/Page Hall regarding the litter and other matters. I have asked the local counsellors to meet with us and was advised their is a local meeting 1st Thursday every month at Pakistan advice centre at 6pm. I would appreciate it if anybody has the time to attend on the 6th June to show support that we are fed up with the constant litter in Page Hall and Firth Park. I will be asking for weekly black bin collections again as the litter problem seems to have evolved since bins were collected twice a week. If there is anything else residents wish to talk about, please email me at hussain.legaljustice@gmail.com. Please do out page hall issues in the subject box to enable me to identify emails relating to this topic. I rarely go onto this site but will be checking it again before the meeting. Many thanks in advance. Ali.
  7. Would anybody like to see a solicitors practice in Pagehall and if so what areas of work would you think would work ie conveyancing ?
  8. It does affect people in Sheffield. I suppose others will be posting similar updates on their sites in their cities/towns etc. Forums like this should be used as platforms to voice opinions and share information, hopefully those reading the posts will tell others, email or tweet etc. Technologhy should allow us to spread the word quickly. If I am misusing this site please could somebody let me know if I am breaking any rules. Otherwise I hope to keep posting any interesting updates in law/ rules which could benefit a lot of people.
  9. No. Have enough clients to last me a life time. Just keeping society informed, not against the rules is it?
  10. Changes to the certificate of approval scheme UKBA, 17 December 2010 On 26 July 2010, the government announced its intention to abolish the 'certificate of approval' scheme. A *Remedial Order under the Human Rights Act 1998 was laid in Parliament to achieve this aim. At present, any migrant who is already in the UK and is subject to immigration control must apply for a certificate of approval before they can get married or register a civil partnership in this country (unless they are getting married within the Anglican Church). The government is now seeking to remedy the declaration by the UK courts that the scheme is incompatible with Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights (read with Article 12). Additionally, changes made following rulings from the courts have weakened the scheme, and it is no longer an effective method of preventing sham marriage. The government is already taking swift action to abolish the scheme next year. On 16 December, the European Court of Human Rights issued its judgment in the case of O'Donoghue v UK. This case was about the certificate of approval scheme, and the government is currently considering the judgment. At present, the scheme continues to operate as normal. Any update about this judgment, including possible implications for applicants, will be published on this website. * Do I still need to apply for a certificate of approval if I want to get married or register a civil partnership? * Yes, if you are subject to immigration control. The certificate of approval scheme remains in operation until the Remedial Order comes into force. Applicants will need to follow the current process until further notice. * When will the scheme be abolished? We expect the scheme to end in spring 2011, subject to parliamentary scrutiny. We do not know how long it will take for the process of parliamentary scrutiny to be completed. When we know the exact date for the abolition of the scheme, we will announce it on this website. When the scheme is abolished, will I still need to give notice of my marriage or civil partnership in a designated register office? Yes. The requirement to give notice in a designated register office is not affected by the proposed abolition of the certificate of approval scheme. The requirement will remain in force when the scheme is abolished.
  11. The UK Border Agency has today announced that the R(S) policy (which is the one following the mostly Iraq litigation, which provided for grants of ILR in cases where a former ELR policy had not been applied) is now withdrawn: http://www.ind.homeoffice.gov.uk/sitecontent/newsarticles/2010/dec/57-rs-policy * This is appears to be in response to the judgment of Beatson J in K v SSHD [2010] EWHC 3102 (Admin) at the end of last month holding that the fact that the claimant had left the UK did not mean the policy did not apply to his case.* Indeed, the policy expressly envisaged that such cases remained within the policy and might justify a grant of ILR.* * The judgment in K is available at: http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2010/3102.html * If representations have already been made relying on the policy, it should still be applied. *
  12. Your all right one way or another. There are people that do come to the uk searching for a better life. That is what people call survival. You guys don't know how pain and suffering they go through to get here. Please remember the British are in most deprived countries! Do their residents moan that they are their working, taking their jobs etc. We live in a society where international travel us the norm now. People will move around, form different unions which society is not used to. The government is publicising all arrests made during suspected sham marriages but they do not say how many are actually prosecuted. Today, a person is deemed guilty and has to prove innocence when it should be the other way round.
  13. Hi I have a 3 bed to LET, 2 dinning rroms and big kitchen, shower room. RENT £475 with £475 bond. 07737402278
  14. No I do not have a financial interest...although in my line of work I do come across Refugees and immigrants. I still say people should be free to marry. Lets say you fell in love with a spanish person (they would be an immigrant). Lets say you went to the Registrar to get married and lets say he thought it was a bogus marriage and did not marry you. How would you feel? Not as simple as you thought is it?
  15. The EEA citizen can marry her Internationa Boyfriend be it from AFG or any other part of the world. The husband can then apply for a residence permit for 5 yrs. After that he can apply for Indefinite leave to remain. If the AFG man marries somebody British in UK he would get 2 years leave to remain and after that he can apply for Indefinite leave to remain. We have the freedom to get married Article 12 of the ECHR. The Afghan man should not have been stopped for getting married to a European national. Please also do not forget that the persons were stopped getting married on the day, but we do not know what charges if any were brought by the police of UKBA. What you see on the TV is not relaity.
  16. My car window was smashed by a youth, Asian possibly, wearing a baseball cap around 6.25am on Sunday morning. He drove away in a Silver estate. Partial index number is YP 03 *YF. if anybody knows this guy please let me know or the police. My e-mail is Rfaketalihussain@hotmail.com. Please spread the word to your friends and family. Lets see if we can catch him. I have been broken into before and the police did not catch him.
  17. How many years should Blair and Bush get for for aiding and abetting soldiers who kill many thousands of inncocent people. They brush those people aside becasue they are casualties of war. dropping smart bombs...why are they smart bombs??? if they are so smart then the killing of inncocent civillians is an act of genocide.
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