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  1. Hello I was wondering if anyone knew of a nice place to hire for an engagement party, we live south of sheffield so nothing to far. thanks
  2. ive been quote 25quid for a hp one is that good?
  3. its says hp n193 on the back of my charger anyone have one spare or cheap please x
  4. just come past the rd is still closed bad car accident, if u want to go to crystal peaks if yr coming from town go to drake house bypass but cup up through hackenthorpe no traffic at all
  5. no they only tell you for road works not car crahses, its ok its opened now a lorry had hit a car
  6. no not on about that hun, its outside the pub as though your going to norwood, there its lots of blue lights and police have closed the road off
  7. Does anyone know whats happened on sheffield road in killamarsh? is the road closed as i need to go that way to work
  8. Would just like to wish everyone a very happy crimbo and all the best for the new year but i wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone, over the past few yrs you've all given me advice and help and support and i just wanted to say thankyou.....i dont know where id be without the forum sometime xxxxx
  9. hahaha just some beach holidays, nights on and familys birthday
  10. i just hope someone else found it then and had the decent thing to do and hand it in xx
  11. does anyone know the taxis around mosbrough area, just i flagged down a taxi at the vine fri night and left my camera in there tried city taxi's but no luck just wondering if there are any others in this area as im desperate to get the camera back or at least the sim card with all my photos on it from this year
  12. i live in killamarsh, and the people who come to pay their respects was amazing, we walked on the the cematery and watched as it all tuck place, watching the 10 gun salute sent shivers down my spine, then when they played the trumpet, it brought a tear to my eye that someone to young who hadnt experienced life had died, my thought are with his family and friends, and may liam rest in peace and just to let him know he did our country proud.....i wish more young people these days grow to be like him a hero xxxxxx
  13. Just wondering how many days/weeks we should get by law? My new job says 4 weeks is what we get but ive been told we should get 25days which works out 5 weeks... Cheers
  14. But why is people asking me about my old posts???? its a completly different experience, a child is involved its her first child she doesnt know what to expect, why do people have to get SMART and say im obsessed or have mentioned my own experience before????
  15. oh trust me, when speakers fly off the sides at you, bottle tops shot off the side, id seen and felt things, i get ice cold spots move across me and loads of other stuff, its not just anything....come meet them for yrself soon change ya mind lol... When i moved in here and found out we wasnt alone, i was terrified, i couldnt sleep, didt eat couldnt come in the house on my own, i was sooo scared, but i talked to some really good nice understandable people and learnt to understand that they arnt to harm you just making you awear they are there too. As for my friend is doesnt bother her if there is someone in her house, she just wants to know if something has happened in the house/area that she can research it, her mum told her that the oval was a old farm land what they fought on in the war. As me i was horrified, i was like a zombie for weeks,
  16. Well seems like i have a few stalkers on here looking at my old posts lol...or some people with extremly fantastic good memrory, shall i explain to all those who have brought up my old post!!!! My friend come round with her daughter today she asked if i had any more experiences with the spirit within the house, i replied not as much as we did when i moved in, i still see shadows and feel things, things go missing, but not as bad as it was, i learnt to cope with it and just acceot something is here as well, not to harm me. She then said oh thats good cause im having bit of a strange thing happening at the moment, i said why whats up??? Then she told me the story of the above post, i asked her what had been going off did she experience the same things i had and she said not really only sometimes like something was brushing over the top of her hair, any only her daughter saying that about the man crying and looking sad as hes got no hands....we googled it to see if there was any fires with the oval and people dying, it did show in 1901 that 4000 people died in this area in a fires and fighting of some kind, it was very strange how the happy 3 yr old had suddenly started pointing out a man and men, screaming fire, only in her mums bedroom.... So please keep your comments to yourself, im not obsessed or strange just find it weird that she come out with that when shes never done it b4, i was simply asking advise and experience of this situation as my friend doesnt have acess to the internet!!!! so if that has answerd your questions then good if not tiddle off i dont have to answer to anyone, oh and if you are intrested, yeah i do have something living in my house with us, i was scared at first and turned to folk on here i got some great advice and learnt not to live in fear with the spirit living with me, yeah i hear foot steps walking in the bedroom when im watching tv i just now think oh they r strecthing their legs!!!!!
  17. this is my friend who mentioned it, all i want to know is where to find history of this area
  18. well this is what we cant understand she has never heard of a ghost she only started nursery few weeks ago, and only watches cbbc tweenies, dora etc....she said a ghost its not and mia said yes its a ghost lady mummy
  19. No nothing at all her mum says, it started 2 weeks ago getting into her mums bed around 7.30-8am and then says mummy look at the man with the shiney eyes in the corner, she asks is he waving back at you and she says no hes sad he has no hands, shes a 3yr old, what 3yr old knows about people with no hands and shiney eyes..... It was ages ago when she said mummy theres a ghost behind you, no one has ever said anything about ghosts to her, so ho does she know about them??
  20. how rude are you dozy, shes constantly been played with, taught things, stop jumping to the point, how does a child of 3 know what cut hands off and shiney eyes are???? Depoix do you think your children did see something or not? how long did it last??
  21. she said she only ever does it in a morning when she gets in her mums bed, and its always in the same corner, she doesnt use her imagination any other time, she only does it in mornings same spot she looks at
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