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  1. Hello I was wondering if anyone knew of a nice place to hire for an engagement party, we live south of sheffield so nothing to far. thanks
  2. ive been quote 25quid for a hp one is that good?
  3. its says hp n193 on the back of my charger anyone have one spare or cheap please x
  4. just come past the rd is still closed bad car accident, if u want to go to crystal peaks if yr coming from town go to drake house bypass but cup up through hackenthorpe no traffic at all
  5. no they only tell you for road works not car crahses, its ok its opened now a lorry had hit a car
  6. no not on about that hun, its outside the pub as though your going to norwood, there its lots of blue lights and police have closed the road off
  7. Does anyone know whats happened on sheffield road in killamarsh? is the road closed as i need to go that way to work
  8. Would just like to wish everyone a very happy crimbo and all the best for the new year but i wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone, over the past few yrs you've all given me advice and help and support and i just wanted to say thankyou.....i dont know where id be without the forum sometime xxxxx
  9. hahaha just some beach holidays, nights on and familys birthday
  10. i just hope someone else found it then and had the decent thing to do and hand it in xx
  11. does anyone know the taxis around mosbrough area, just i flagged down a taxi at the vine fri night and left my camera in there tried city taxi's but no luck just wondering if there are any others in this area as im desperate to get the camera back or at least the sim card with all my photos on it from this year
  12. i live in killamarsh, and the people who come to pay their respects was amazing, we walked on the the cematery and watched as it all tuck place, watching the 10 gun salute sent shivers down my spine, then when they played the trumpet, it brought a tear to my eye that someone to young who hadnt experienced life had died, my thought are with his family and friends, and may liam rest in peace and just to let him know he did our country proud.....i wish more young people these days grow to be like him a hero xxxxxx
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