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  1. My hubby used to hang around with all he no's is more or less the same as u....He went to work in Hong Kong as a police officer, Sorry x
  2. How many points r u allowed anyway, before being banned??
  3. Hi has anyone used this place to look after there dog? Any feed back would be welcome thanx x
  4. I so wished i had not looked at this!!! lol:shocked:
  5. Hi holiday hutch. What r ur prices on pet walking service and what area do u cover?
  6. Awwwww congrats craig to u and debs. Really did love the training u did with us, im sure u are welcome to come back anytime. We were all going on about it for weeks after. AMAZING!! x
  7. Hi i do shotokan karate 2x a week and it is great for self defence but........if u want to learn self defence quickly, then like shotokarate said go see Craig. Craig and Debs (his wife) came to our club for a terriffic seminar this guy knows his stuff . Id deffo give him a try. x p.s did Debs have the baby yet??
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