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  1. Indeed. It was rather insensitive of folk like the EDL to demonstrate in Rotherham at a time when the local council was trying to gloss over the Asian grooming gang scandal.
  2. I suppose those who say Jenner is innocent because his crimes won't be heard in court also assume Savile is an innocent man.
  3. It seems he is no different from Savile who was never convicted of a thing.
  4. That would be really great. It is clear that the council cabinet are not fit to run the Graves Park Charity. I don't suppose The National Trust would stand for the council shipping in bags of dog crap, old fridges, and shopping trolleys from around the city and storing it in Graves Park if they were in charge.
  5. Perhaps the trustees of the Graves Park Charity should consider whether they are actually acting in the interests of the charity they represent or the politicians who give them their orders.
  6. Perhaps it would be better if they didn't keep wasting money trying to sell bits of the park or transporting old fridges and dog muck from Hillsborough etc so that they can chuck it around in Graves Park.
  7. It is pretty easy to find out if it is full or empty. Shake it. If it has Pyrene in it you will hear it shaking about. The extinguishers are in high demand by the army re-enactment crowd. They have regular meets and demonstrations in places like Norfolk Park. Take it along and let them take it off your hands. Value is around £20.
  8. 10 to 12 inches at Norton. Sun out now. It is melting fast. I just hope they clear it before the next lot arrives. ---------- Post added 29-01-2015 at 13:41 ---------- S8 is a big place. Norton is about 400 foot higher than Abbeydale or Heeley.
  9. That must be why folk are rushing to invest here. A bit like the Sheffield sea front properties. All the advantages without the seaweed.............or the sea. ---------- Post added 28-01-2015 at 00:28 ---------- I think one or two have been laid by the councillors.
  10. Not really a murder is it? If he had stopped after the accident he would likely have walked with a driving ban.
  11. Sheffield is becoming a place on the road to nowhere. As HS2 and particularly HS3 get built investment will follow the transport links. Leeds HS2, HS3, M1, M62 Leeds Bradford Airport. Manchester HS2 HS3 M6, M62 M60, M56, M66 Manchester Airport. Sheffield got left out in the cold when the M67 project stalled. I'm struggling to see a way back.
  12. What's electioneering got to do with it. It is the council that decided to sell property that is part of the park and the timing of it. Perhaps they felt it would be lost in a sea of campaign leaflets.
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