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  1. Hi, does anyone have any experience of Eco Energy Smart for solar panels? Tried searching but cant find anything, good or bad. Thanks http://www.ecoenergysmart.co.uk/
  2. An adjudicator at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal a ruling after a motorist appealed against a £50 fine from Southend Council. In his ruling, James Richardson, a Traffic Penalty Tribunal adjudicator, said: "The sensitive nature of evidence gathered by CCTV is specifically considered and addressed by the guidance issued by the Government. Recommendation is made that such devices are only used where enforcement is difficult, sensitive or enforcement by wardens is not practical." I agree that it shouldnt make a difference. PROVIDED the council are following the rules for such use. My points are therefore valid I feel in questionning if : 1. Sheffield City Council using the mobile camera at other locations, other than the ones they say they are using it at on their website. If so, should they be? 2. I dont know what the guidance on CCTV use issued by the governement mentioned in the ruling above is but if its not advertised as used or there are no warnings in place re CCTV is this legal? 3. Legislation allows councils to use this equipment in problem areas, where enforcement is difficult or sensitive or civil parking enforcement officer enforcement is not practical. Does Eccleshall Road fall into this category, if not then are SCC breaching legislation. (Sorry, I havent reviewed the legislation this is just an overview from google).
  3. With regards to the van with the camera. According to this link these are enforceable from Mid Jan but the website does say: Mobile CCTV cameras are in operation (see the locations below) with tickets issued by post. This is to prevent persistent illegal parking, which is difficult to enforce by current foot patrols. Our aim in using vehicle mounted CCTV cameras is to provide a deterrent so that fewer vehicles continue to park illegally. Locations Spital Hill Bawtry Road (Tinsley |Junior School) Crowder Avenue (Southey Green Community Primary School) Dyche Lane (Meadowhead School) Greenhill Main Road (Greenhill Primary) Handsworthgrange Road (Handsworth Grange Community Sports College) Reney Road (Greenhill Primary) Whiteways Road (Whiteways Primary) Raisen Hall Road (Longley Primary School Lydgate Lane (Lydgate Infants school) Shore Lane (Lydgate Junior School) High Storrs Road (High Storrs School) Arglye Close (Carfield Primary School) Rodney Hill (Loxley Primary) Ringinglow Road (High Storrs School) My question therefore is - are Sheffield City Council using the mobile camera at other locations? Has anyone received a PCN for other locations? Has anyone challenged this? If its not advertised as used elsewhere or there are no warnings in place re CCTV is this legal? I see from google there have been challenges around this where people have won their case. The other reason I ask is that the poster mentioned specifically seeing it on Eccleshall Road at rush hour which isnt a location listed. There are no warnings to say CCTV may be used. How many mobile units does Sheffield have, does anyone know? If they are aimed at school locations why are they on Eccie Road at school times. It seems that the council may have brought in the vehicles to target specific locations (schools) but have veered into using it on other locations to issue as many tickets as possible. Obviously, I may be wrong.
  4. I've been out for an hour, along with 3 neighbours. We have emptied one grit bin and used half of the next one along. Now sat in house with a big cup of coffee and kids watching a film. Just ordered the grit bin to be restocked on the council website aswell. Jobs a good'n. "Pats oneself on the head"
  5. I agree with Number Six. I've met some great people through SF but now only come on for a quick look occasionally. I automatically come on when something has happened locally as it is still quick for updates but even then the threads dont tend to offer the same information it used to. Alot of bickering, put downs etc.
  6. Please note that Coronation Park (Oughtibridge) is CLOSED until further notice. We've inspected it this morning and while it doesnt look too bad now the park was under three feet of water last night (but nowhere near as bad as 2007). We will be inspecting again on Monday and will be testing soil etc to see what contamination there has been (if any) before declaring it safe for people to use again. The toilet block will be out of action for some time as badly damaged. Hopefully, people will understand why the gates are locked. Can I please stress that this is for a reason. We did have two people climb over this morning to walk their dog!!! Please dont do this. Posted on behalf of Bradfield Parish Council.
  7. Appears to be north sheffield at mo. must be slow moving as been at it for about 2 hrs non stop - some will be flooded out already. Roads in Hillsborough are a mare.
  8. A strange request I know but I am looking for a Sheffield United shirt (either home or away kit) but must be this seasons. To fit size 16 woman. Its needed for a photo shoot this Friday. Anyone out there prepared to lend me one. Some beers or something in it for you if you can help out. Happy to collect/drop off. Im in Sheffield 6 so local(ish) would be ideal. Thanks. Please pm if you can help.
  9. "If your child is in full-time education, lives in South Yorkshire, and travels over three miles from home to get to school, he or she may qualify for a Zero Fare Pass, paid for by your local authority." All except for Bradfield School which is a strange quirk to the system. No matter where you live you will get a zero fare pass as long as its in the school catchment area. The three mile rule does not apply. (I think, from the old school merger threads a few years ago someone quoted that the Bradfield buses/passes alone cost Sheffield tax payers approx £250k per year - Im happy to be corrected on this one if anyone has a more UTD or correct figure).
  10. RIP sccsux - a forum name that always stuck out and a pleasure to come across. I enjoyed reading your posts.
  11. Bradfield Parish Council - Citizens Award Councillors want to hear from parishioners about the many groups and individuals who contribute to the quality of life in the Parish in a new initiative aimed at recognising and celebrating the voluntary work undertaken in the area. The Council has come up with four categories: Good Citizen, Junior Good Citizen, Community Group and Good Neighbour. Please click here for a list of criteria and here to nominate online. Paper copies are also available from the office. Shameless plug I know but if you do want to nominate someone/group then the CLOSING DATE FOR NOMINATIONS IS 5pm, WEDNESDAY 16th NOVEMBER 2011
  12. Turnips when I was young. We also never did trick or treating - we went "caking", but I dont know the roots of that one. For us, we also did Mischievous night but was always 1st Nov. Day after Halloween as the idea was to do more "mischief" for the ones who werent very generous when you were caking. We always really went for the ones who sat in the house with the lights off while you were caking.
  13. If its the green buses that also serve Bradfield School then the service can be tempremental anyway even after initial teething problems. Examples from last year - breaking down regular, drivers chucking kids off and telling them to walk when bus does break down, diesel apparently freezing in winter (even when it wasnt that cold), running late, missing routes, breaching health and safety rules etc etc. Also, dont forget, slightest dusting of snow and its total chaos. Best thing to do is keep in touch with the school and report any issues to them and the bus company direct. Also, give the kids a mobile so they can contact "someone" if they need to, expecially if they are at a stop on their own.
  14. I appreciate that. However, for whatever reason, my tvs arent working so wondered how much it would be for someone to come out and tune them and reconnect them back to Sky downstairs. Ive tried putting the chanel on sky to 68 and returned the upstairs tv's but its not picking up anything.
  15. How much would that be?? I currently have sky tv which the upstairs TV's (3) are connected to. However, all TVs upstairs are now blue screens and retuning is not getting anything at all. I need someone to retune these and connect to Sky box downstairs again.
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