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  1. Well fortunately the UK government stuck to plan A and we didn't follow the Greeks into the myre. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-33323999
  2. Do enlighten me to the costs of MML electrification and the effect on journey times it will bring.
  3. If Greece defaults it will be defaulting to the IMF. There is no one left to lend them money other than private investors. The Greek government has no cash and would likely print billions of drachma to pay wages which would simply trigger massive inflation in Greece. The yield on Greek 10 year bonds increased by 50% over the course of today. In other words the cost of the Greek Government borrowing increased by 50% over an 8 hour trading period.
  4. Don't you believe it. Greek bond yield are hitting the stratosphere. The government have no money to pay doctors, civil servants, public sector workers or even the army. There is no security for personal bank accounts and there could be anarchy on the streets. It wouldn't be the first time in recent years where the military took over the country. I'm not sure that is compatible with EU membership.
  5. I'm not really sure why you wasted so much time writing all that lot. The point I made was about miles and miles of 50 mph limits where there were thousands of cones but no actual roadworks or roadworkers to justify the hold-ups. ---------- Post added 29-06-2015 at 16:52 ---------- But there were no contractors having to work in a 'live' environment with all the associated dangers that it brings. There were just miles of cones and no one working whatsoever. But of course the 50 limit was being policed by those pesky cameras that are there to make sure that we don't endanger the cones by averaging 51mph, and no doubt many will have received fines for endangering these cones.
  6. It seems no one else has bothered reading this. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33310095
  7. I must have missed the use of drones, cruise missiles and unmanned aircraft in Vietnam.
  8. I prefered the old Cubana. It had soul & atmosphere.
  9. Of course they weren't forced to convert. They were given the option of being hacked to death as an option.
  10. Last week I drove to Leeds and back and also to Derby using the motorway. On Leeds trip 75% of the journey on the motorway involved 50mph speed limits on the Derby trip 100% was on 50mph limits. On all 4 journeys I never saw a single person working on the "road works". What is the point in spending billions to take 10 mintues off the journey time to London if we continuously waste 20 minutes on motoraway journeys locally?
  11. The smoking ban has been in place for 8 years and yet the reason for it seems to have passed you by. The ban was not to protect the health of smokers. It was put in place to protect others from the harmful effects of 2nd hand smoke. So whilst E-cigarettes might or might not be more benefical to killing yourself with fags, the ban on their use in Wales is similarly designed to protect the public from any toxins that they might emit.
  12. I watched them trying to cross the Channel in a 4*4. It actually convinced me not to do the same.
  13. A few days ago we went to a pub in Dronfield. Inside it was pretty quiet but outside they had speakers blasting out music for those in the smoking gazebo. As there weren't actually any smokers in the smoking gazebo I have to wonder why the surrounding houses needed to be subjected to rock & roll that only they could hear.
  14. It is all a great shame but I think the answer to corporate closure of pubs lies with the micro pubs. Last night we ventured into a mediocre pub selling mediocre beer from the national brands. It wasn't exactly heaving for a Friday night. Tonight we are heading for the Beer Parlour in Chezzy. I expect the beer to be far cheaper, far better and as a result the place more crowded.
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