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  1. Hi Tickets are on sale from the 18th April be quick as all the vip tables have been taken and only 300 standard tickets and 60 ring side tickets remain to be sold. This kickboxing show will probably be the biggest show which has ever come to the UK!!! With the event sponsored by Fighters magazine, Pentagon Toyota, All Sports the same sponser of Clinton Woods, KO Pro, Hilton Hotel and of course the main sponser Noodle INN. The sponsers involved shows the level of class which showdown events bring to the shows at the octagon with fighters willing to travel from the other side of the world. Many promoters who promote smaller shows and credit to them but at the octagon the shows are events which you do not want to miss and would kick yourself if you did.
  2. Steve who ever he is has nothing to do with any fight match making at showdowns events
  3. 5 Titles 2 Countries 1 show Showdown 4 August 31st will host WAKO Pro World title fight WFKKO Intercontinental Full Contact Pro Fight 3 WFKKO Intercontinental Pro K1 Fights As 5 fighters from the UK take on 5 Fighters from New Zealand watch this space....
  4. Massive waits in bouts?? you must of been day dreaming or something??
  5. Well everyone has there opinion your welcome to yours just means you wont be coming to the next show ye??
  6. Hi anyone who wants to fight at showdown just needs to ask we will try to accomodate everyone
  7. Hi 1 is fighting for a world title also there is a intercontinental title on the night all oposition are fighting fighters from new zealand
  8. just to make people aware there are no VIP tables left for this event they have been booked
  9. August 31st will see British Lions battle the All Blacks in a world title showdown Fighters featuring from the UK Kerry Louise Norbury Falcon fight academy Marty Wilson Selling Warriors Alex Mckenzie SDF Sheffield Scott Sykes SDF Sheffield Marc Seargeant Studio 2000 Derby
  10. it could be but we will put a spread on to accomodate ramadan only time octagon is available
  11. August 31st is the date for England v New Zealand
  12. i have to agree with u there adam's fight was excellent
  13. i do but i aint telling you one thing i can say it will be packed out the vip tables have all gone already
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