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  1. Ended up selling it I'm afraid. The Xiaomi global firmware has a lot of features but in hindsight I should have gone with one of their their Android One's The emphasis these days with many Chinese brands seems to be on battery economy. Huawei made the notification LED a setting in the Battery section and Alcatel have taken off the LED repeat entirely, just two flashes. The OLED screen also made the phone unusually heavy (and as you say are more prone than other types to burn in). And as there was also no notch on the screen for the front camera, the earpiece was reduced to just a slit at the top. Stylish but it meant it was necessary to hold it in exactly the right position against your ear.
  2. The subjective experience of time does appear to vary, generally in proportion to metabolic rate: https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/166694-small-animals-see-the-world-in-slow-motion-or-why-your-puppy-is-so-hyperactive That’s called an ad hominem attack, which is another logical fallacy.
  3. No, not a political statement. Previous industrial change radically altered society and I am just interested in how the powerful will embrace roboticisiation. Power I believe will become concentrated and perhaps democracy may not adapt. On an individual level, I agree it will give freedoms and opportunities not seen before. I work in IT, with some AI (though perhaps artificial stupidity is currently a better term) and breakthroughs will give whichever countries huge advantage. A scenario (bear with me): If talking about time you need to make a distinction between physical time and a creature's sense of time. Most creatures have self awareness, it seems to be a biological brain construct, but the self awareness of a bird may let it experience time more quickly and be able to evade those 'slower' than it (even though both have the same neuronal speed). Once the mechanism of self awareness is understood, any culture would also be able to scientifically adjust the rate that time is experienced. And the self awareness of an AI? time for them must seem to be almost stopped.
  4. As artificial intelligence and robotics replace humans in the work force, the elites won't need our labour as much as they used to. As resources dwindle and the population rises might we be surplus to requirements? A stretch, but perhaps in the not too distant future there will be a manipulated war or pandemic to thin the herd.
  5. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Like Abrams direction (esp the Star Trek reboot) and here he keeps the focus on the the strong Rey character, but at 2 hours 22 it is too long. Talking of sequels, Ridley Scott is doing Gladiator 2 rather than another Alien, most annoying. 7/10
  6. After searching it seems Xiaomi offer good value hardware but the downside is a bloated version of Android. Still you would expect something as essential as notifications would work properly (it is a known issue on their forums). Live and learn
  7. Recently got a Xiaomi phone and it has the Android option of an 'always on display' (the feature needs an oled display so just the pixels on a small notification area can be lit). Has anyone else got a phone with this? The Xiaomi switches off the 'always on' display after say 20-30 minutes to save power, which seems to make it a bit pointless. The AOD is also supposed to display notification icons for missed calls and texts, which it does if you reset the phone but then they stop after a few hours and you just get the clock. I know Xiaomi have had issues with notifications in the past but it seems surprising.
  8. I'm interested in how the economics would work out. Scotland has a population of about 5M (same as South Yorkshire), the UK has 66M. European countries with 5M are Denmark and Norway, and they are not cheap places to live
  9. Yep, agree exactly about the audience balance, think they did pretty well given the possible pitfalls. Was surprised how utterly relaxed Fiona Bruce seemed! Also how absolutely 'live' it was! Jeremy seemed a bit hesitant at first (person next to me said that as well) and Boris's body language, when he entered, appeared really defensive. My takeaways? Oddly, an increased respect for politicians. The thought of being asked what I thought on any of my four questions led to a lot of research and an appreciation of the difficulty of giving a good answer. Secondly, the realization of, with live TV, just how many things really, really could go wrong. Lastly, would I recommend it? No. When you split from a partner, you think of all the things you wish you had said, it's like that, but ten times worse.
  10. Was lucky enough to be in the Question time audience. Boris has lost some weight, felt like asking him, with all this spending, whether he would be buying a new suit
  11. Terminator: Dark Fate Have always been drawn to this franchise so there I was on the opening day to see a slightly rusty looking Schwarzenegger and Grandma Hamilton (carrying a gun the size of a fully grown Christmas tree), Hollywood's geriatric set, do Groundhog day. For our salvation. A rehash of one and two, from the director of Deadpool, it lacks Cameron’s flare.
  12. It seems these days that 'New improved' just means they have found a cheaper ingredient to substitute. Downsizing also seems to be on the increase, noticed my 500g pack of lamb mince from Aldi is now 475g.
  13. Blind eye, Stuart Macbride Snappy dialog and characterization but intertwined with a desensitizing level of violence, 9/10
  14. There is a confirmed major issue with the PI 4 USB-C port https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/10/20688655/raspberry-pi-4-usb-c-port-bug-e-marked-cables-audio-accessory-charging
  15. Yep, on an Acer Aspire, but it kept locking up - perhaps old hardware but it was happy with Windows 7. Doesn't use systemd which I don't know much about but apparently an area of controversy in the L world.
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