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  1. It seems these days that 'New improved' just means they have found a cheaper ingredient to substitute. Downsizing also seems to be on the increase, noticed my 500g pack of lamb mince from Aldi is now 475g.
  2. Blind eye, Stuart Macbride Snappy dialog and characterization but intertwined with a desensitizing level of violence, 9/10
  3. There is a confirmed major issue with the PI 4 USB-C port https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/10/20688655/raspberry-pi-4-usb-c-port-bug-e-marked-cables-audio-accessory-charging
  4. Yep, on an Acer Aspire, but it kept locking up - perhaps old hardware but it was happy with Windows 7. Doesn't use systemd which I don't know much about but apparently an area of controversy in the L world.
  5. 'I also make sure that I get rid of any Google keys in Certificate/PPA settings in GNU/Linux ' Is that to do with tracking? how do you think they are being used?
  6. Thanks for the replies, the upgrade made it boot (Linux) in about a third of the time, general use about 50% faster. An Athlon 64, old M/B def not SATA III!
  7. Looking to speed up an old machine with a small SSD. Anyone had any good or bad experiences with the various brands? My Sandisk and Kingston have been fine but some OCZs went. PNY and ADATA seem cheap at the moment
  8. Thanks, nice facility for a caddy, wasn't aware. 55.00 plus an SSD, I like the write protection option.
  9. Close 6/10 A non glossy look at the PPO business. Rapace makes it watchable as the bodyguard (based on real person Jacquie Davis).
  10. Ended up getting some Verbatim from Amazon, burnt at 2x using Linux Xfburn (took over half an hour), but it worked and installed fine on a new Windows box. Took it's time though, should get a USB 3 external drive.
  11. Yep, agree about the media creation tool. Have had about an equal number of problems with DVDs and USBs over the years so thought I would try this route. Perhaps I ought to freshen my mindset!
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. It's a Windows 10 64 bit ISO, took a look but don't think I can take anything out of it. Tried a test burn with a 4.7 to see if it would fit but just complains it is not large enough. Alas couldn't find any DL discs locally
  13. I need to burn an ISO image to DVD which is about 5GB As it is over the standard 4.7GB single layer limit I guess I will need to use a DVD DL disc. Checked and my DVD burner supports DVD DL, does anyone know if I can buy the discs from an outlet in Sheffield or is it be Amazon? On Windows 10 or Linux will it just be the usual burning process of right clicking the ISO and burn?
  14. So if only using an https mail portal rather than a client, it will already be secure even over open wifi, so whether or not to use a VPN will be down to whether it would be of benefit to have a second layer of encryption? Difficult to evaluate I guess, not sure of the hacker skills required to attack either. Thanks, will check it out
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