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  1. Under this new regime of DBS checking is the hirer required to obtain DBS check with evidence of certification from a freelance consultant who has been recruited to work with vulnerable people? ie, do we need to see the actual certificate? What is the correct procedure to follow? We've checked on the relevant websites and it's a massive puzzle. Thanks ---------- Post added 08-10-2013 at 13:43 ---------- Now sorted
  2. Thanks for all replies. Will be contacting ACAS for specific information to the situation in question.
  3. Thanks for your reply. It's a startup in the process of setting up all that sort of stuff. Any pointers so that I can help them develop a good practice model.
  4. What is best practice when managing a complaint made by an external party about an organisation's employees. Are these employees entitled to know the basis of this complaint? What rights does the subject of the complaint have to know the content of any emails or other documents in relation to their conduct?
  5. HHeeley City Farm run this sort of service. They have an admin charge which is fairly reasonable. There are loads of these organisations all round the country. http://www.heeleyfarm.org.uk/page/id/6e5df1d120923d0fe497e2590b17a729/Heeley_City_Farm_DBS_(Formerly_CRB)_Service/
  6. Ta ERROR = "country" to read "world" and replace the rest with "would grind to a complete halt within days without engineers."
  7. Noted but unsuitable for organised school activities.
  8. Thanks - that's really helpful. Are there any other sources? I also need to produce a more complicated list of technical engineering terms and then find ways to explain them in the context of KS2 and KS3. Is that possible?
  9. I want to find a list of engineering terms which link to the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. Any suggestions of where I can find this sort of detailed information? Many thanks in anticipation.
  10. Hi - thanks for all replies. Although it keeps crashing out without completing the process , it appears that my contacts have still downloaded - how wierd is that. But although I've downloaded airdroid, it wont install on to my samsung. Re other comments, want to transfer data from my existing TMobile Sim to an 02 sim. Former has advised that when I give O2 my PAC code I will lose everything on my phone. I'm also switching phones from Samsung to an Iphone which I've just been given - lucky me
  11. I want to back up my mobile - Samsung GT-S5830i - which gets so far but then Kies keeps crashing out. Any ideas on how to fix it - it's a bit of a pain as I'm shifting from TMobile to o2 on Thursday. Tmobile says that I'll loose all my data during the transfer process. :help::help: Thanks for help.
  12. I want to buy a camera mount for an IPhone 4 and want to know whether anyone has any recommendations - ie manufacturer, price and where to buy etc. Thanks
  13. Thanks for your reply. The situation is that my file is far too big for emailing as it's also got loads of images and will cost a packet for recipients to download it on their mobiles/smartphones. What I've been advised to do is create a separate 1-page file just for the front page and create links in that file to the relevant links in the main file. I've been able to create page hyperlinks within my main file using TOC which I've set up on the front page. Both files to be saved as PDFs. The one-page file with links to the main file to be sent out to our mailing list while the main file to be hosted on our website. I know that what I want to do is possible in CS5 - I'm just unable to make sense of how to go about doing it because the steps I need to follow are unclear to me - really need a super noddy step-by step guide with some images to help me see what's what and where all this stuff goes. I'm also unsure of the most suitable method ie whether to use the file, word or page as the destination hyperlink and then where/how to create the source destination - I've been able to glean that ID requires the destination hl to be set up before the source hl. Hope that's clearer
  14. I've prepared a 12 page document using Indesign CS5. I want to split the front page (call it here Front Page Doc) from Main Document (which also has the front page). The front page has a contents section which links to other pages in the document. What I need to know is how to create links between the contents on each of the Front Page Doc's to the respective pages in the Main Document. The finished product will be an interactive PDF file. TIA
  15. UoS does a DSLR camera course - should be easy to enrol on it because of the change in regs. Also think there's something doing at Hillsborough or Sheffield College. For the position on fees, it's best if you dont have any qualifications because that will mean you'll have to pay the full wack and that's quite steep these days.
  16. go to harrison's cameras on london road for advice. quite a specialised area.
  17. Thanks for all your help. I'm now sorted out and glad for the advice re inspectors.
  18. Thanks for the link - I have seen it and cant get my head round it. I'm looking for the most cost-effective way to travel from Prestwich to Half Edge Lane (M60) and arrive by 8.45am M, Th, Friday and from Prestwich to City Centre on Tuesday & Wednesday. Advice from experienced Manchester travellers much appreciated. TIA
  19. Got to go to Manchester next week and am having difficulty getting my head round how their fares system works. It looks like I'll have to use bus and trams so would like to know the most cost-effective way to travel around.
  20. any thoughts as to where I could find this sort of information much appreciated. TIA
  21. I need to fit double glazing only snag is the windows which I want to open are about 8ft from the floor. Any ideas about type of window openings I can use without having to use a ladder to open the windows? Much appreciated.
  22. various friendly societies around - you'll need to be a member first thought, but I'd start looking at your outgoings to see what you can slash, cut and shave - it's surprising how much you can save and how little you really need. Best investment you can make is a book by Alvin Hall: What not to spend. http://www.amazon.co.uk/What-Not-Spend-Alvin-Hall/dp/0340836024 but dont buy it new! dont go shopping, cut groceries down to bare necessities. without wishing to assume but drinking and smoking are two rather expensive habits; so is going out on Saturday night some people tell me they can easily drop £100 on a mate's night out followed up with a meal. Every weekend that's £5200 for one night and £10K for two nights!!!
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