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  1. the juice deoxidises within 10-15 minutes so best to drink immediately and then clean your juicer
  2. Please could you recommend a good carpet cleaning company preferablyone that doesnt use chemicals. Thanks for your time
  3. Does anyone know what the loud bang was at 3am this morning? Heard lots of complaints about it and would just like to know. Thanks
  4. there's also a super fast virgin train from sheffield to manchester once an hour and its only 40 minutes. Can be a bit packed but buy a ticket with a reserved seat makes it a more comfortable journey. Sorry can't remember the train times there/back
  5. Ombudsman is a total waste of time as they're the COuncil's line of last resort and damage limitation opportunists
  6. Send me a JPEG so that I can what it looks like and if I like the colour I'll be happy to have it from you when I get back after Bank Holiday break.
  7. thanks for your reply, I'm selling this desktop and I want to reformat it securely so that the hard drive's clean of my data
  8. I'm selling my Desktop and want to reformat the hard drive. How do I do this with W10 O/S? Thanks in anticipation. ---------- Post added 02-02-2017 at 16:54 ---------- oops - it's W7; it's been reformatted and used since then so I want to reformat the hard drive. thanks again
  9. I used to be here back in 2006 under a different username - unfortunately some bint who was then working at South Yorkshire Housing Association thought she was being right cool to harrass me so I changed my name. It was fun back in them days and I had lots of laughs. But now I occasionally pop back on for a quick look but really pretty much it's only to sell stuff.
  10. I think you're most unlikely to get a solicitor to accept instructions to take on any Bank or Financial services outfit - not even the corporate law firms will touch this sort of case. You've received some advice to take the money and run. Although £6K is only a fraction of the cost that you're due, the odds of your doing any better is most unlikely and in the equally unlikely event of getting a solicitor on side, I think they'll probably do a deal with the Bank and screw the hell of you. In your position, I'd quite while your ahead and change your bank if at all possible. Sorry to be so pessimistic but the plain truth is that you'll end up a cynical as hell and nothing to show for it. Just seen that your source said they'd be prepared to give evidence etc which is all well and good, but as the old Yorkshire expression goes, there's nowt so queer as folks and there's plenty that can happen between cup and sip or however it goes. First, last and only post I'm making on this simply because to say any more when it's cut and dried that you're most unlikely to make any further headway.
  11. I have a website with a wordpress blog and I want to integrate the two so that Google Analytics treats them both as a website rather than as it does now. ie. GA treats the blog as a separate website and stops tracking when people leave the website and go to the blog. What tools can I use that will integrate the Wordpress visits into the website analytics?
  12. Thanks for headsup. Calculations show that I've got another 2 months into next year before I can go ahead with any buyout for less than £150. In meantime will be pressing ahead with my bank to open a new bank account and transfer over all DDs & SO payments. TU TT should jolly well ask them to change my landline number to boot And they cant say Im unaffected as I've been receiving calls several times a week for past few weeks.
  13. AND so much for their complementary 12-month free offer with discount code TT231 to Noddle for credit checks etc. Bank said the other precautions I'm implementing are perfectly understandable despite their VM disclaimer. Sadly PlusNet doesnt buy out contracts and I bet the others will be following suit - 4 million x £450 is one heck of a lot of dosh. As soon as this contract is run, I'm out.
  14. where can I find out how much it cost to buy an Apple Ipad Apple iPad with Retina Display, Apple A6X wifi and cellular cost for the 32GB and 64 GB versions in November 2013. It's the larger size not the mini ipad Thanks
  15. and now these scammers are phoning to say that they've taken too much money from our account and want to refund it. We rattled their cage when they said we'd have to run a trial before they could reimburse us by withdrawing £25 from our debit or credit card and were even more rattled when we said that the only card we could do this with only had a couple of quid and very little activity - surprise surprise they weren't interested and put the phone down.
  16. looks interesting. how much? ---------- Post added 24-03-2015 at 17:51 ---------- I've been advised - by a reputable source - that an issue with dropbox is their T&C allows them to use your files as they want which removes the strong controls I want to have over my data files. My potential transcription supplier has suggested this http://www.wetransfer.com as an alternative but I have yet to review their T&C's ---------- Post added 25-03-2015 at 00:46 ---------- I'd also be apprehensive about the big 3
  17. thanks for suggestions. should have said these are a/v files and there are a total of 4-6 files with total data requirement of c. 22GB; unsure whether this includes duplicate files but they are quite large in their own right. ---------- Post added 19-03-2015 at 15:50 ---------- it's personal data
  18. Any ideas for secure online file storage - been advised that dropbox is unsuitable because its terms and conditions are inadequate to secure sensitive personal data.
  19. nope it's nothing to do with a parking fine by any chance. Someone was trying to put the frighteners on me by saying that the Judge could have awarded the other side a very substantial sum of money very significantly above the quantum of their claim.
  20. Setting aside the issue of costs, can a judge award a claimant more than the amount they have claimed on their claim form?
  21. yeah and then you'll loose or reduce your no claims bonus. id be inclined to do a bit of negotiating in reverse and let them think they've got one over on you
  22. has anyone had any dealings with this company: http://www.fuelbroadband.co.uk/agent/uswitch/home-phone?source=phg
  23. central hotel, holders green is about £30-£35 per night per person. clean with good breakfast apparently and 5 mins walk from station
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