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  1. Tesco only cares about it's investors & bank accounts; they couldnt give a monkey's about our heritage
  2. Think you might find a really super duper bag in TK Maxx
  3. We ARE losing our local markets; fruit & veg are being exceptionally badly hit. I seem to recall that The Moor used to have at least 4-5 fruit/veg stalls - now it's only down to ONE. And I think the story's the same just about everywhere.
  4. sounds like it might be possible to get some funding from the Lottery Fund Awards for All project http://www.a4a.org.uk I think is their website. As I've made a successful application I'd be happy to help with one for this if you like.
  5. it was always on the cards after all of the protests about the Tesco Precinct objections
  6. is it starbucks on Division Street & up by Sheff Uni have both got wifi but sorry not stationery PCs.
  7. How the heck are these corner shops expected to compete. there used to be FIVE greengrocers and as many newsagents in Hunters Bar. Thanks to the likes of Tesco, Safeway etc they all went out of business.
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