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  1. thanks guys for all your help. sorted. Couldn't copy and paste into a word doc as I had to submit them as evidence so somehow or another I managed to pdf them.
  2. I have a bunch of emails from various sources all of which I must send to one addressee. I saved the emails as pdf's and then uploaded them to the intended addressee's website. To my dismay all the pdfs were blank and therefore inadmissible. They've now advised me to send them as emails. There are about 6-8 different email sources - how do I collate these emails which I need to send out today as an email attachment or whatever. What I want to avoid is sending them as individual emails because some could get lost or misplaced.
  3. thanks guys. much appreciated. think it's all now resolved - thankfully
  4. Think this and other issues I’ve been suffering are Catalina-related. How do I go about reverting g to previous os and how long is it likely to take.? Thanks
  5. downloaded and sought to instal printer driver for Mac OS Catalina. Message says firmware version of printer not supported. Please let me know how to deal with that?
  6. Catalina OS on Apple Macbookpro with MS Word for Mac v. 16.37 and can only print out one page of the .docx file. It was printing entire files until the past few days. As far as I am aware there are no error messages
  7. @ttparsons thanks for all those helpful pointers. Bit outside my budget atm, but am hopeful of something materialising out of a timely chat I had yesterday.
  8. What sort of lens do I want for taking action shots of football and stuff like that? I had a DSLR Canon 400D until I sold it a couple years ago. Kept most of the lenses apart from the one which came supplied with it so I'm looking to buy a more current Canon camera which will also take the old lenses.
  9. Hi all, thanks for responses. Its a Sony digital camcorder and I've already downloaded the videos to my laptop. The simplest solution seems to be to open a Box account, upload videos to Box and then download to phone.
  10. I've made several videos on a camcorder which I now want to view on my IPhone 7Plus and would like to know the process involved to do so. Many thanks
  11. thanks, cyclone and iansheff. no idea. feel totally bewildered by it all. Unfortunately I need the data because it relates to business transactions and coursework
  12. theoretically it allows me to back up chat history to iCloud. it says the last backup was on 21 January and total size is 53kb underneath all the text blurb there's a new line which says Backing up ... and then there's little gizmo whirling around underneath that it says Uploading: 0 bytes of 69.5 MB (0%) at the very top of that screen it says: Cant complete backup. You need to sign into a different iCloud account from your iPhone settings which is absurd because I only have one iCloud account
  13. I'm having immense difficulty backing up my WhatsApp data which I want to transfer onto a new phone. The old phone is an iphone4 and its successor is an iPhone 7plus. Would appreciate advice. Thanks in anticipation
  14. thanks, mate. No idea, but think you're probably right about the badging. Do you think it'll be better than plusnet?
  15. I'm looking for a new phone/broadband supplier and the one which seems to come out top in the savings stakes is Now Broadband. Does anyone have any experiences/views on them as a provider. I'm currently on Plusnet which comes out at double the price. Thanks in anticipation.
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