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  1. Hi all, thanks for responses. Its a Sony digital camcorder and I've already downloaded the videos to my laptop. The simplest solution seems to be to open a Box account, upload videos to Box and then download to phone.
  2. I've made several videos on a camcorder which I now want to view on my IPhone 7Plus and would like to know the process involved to do so. Many thanks
  3. thanks, cyclone and iansheff. no idea. feel totally bewildered by it all. Unfortunately I need the data because it relates to business transactions and coursework
  4. theoretically it allows me to back up chat history to iCloud. it says the last backup was on 21 January and total size is 53kb underneath all the text blurb there's a new line which says Backing up ... and then there's little gizmo whirling around underneath that it says Uploading: 0 bytes of 69.5 MB (0%) at the very top of that screen it says: Cant complete backup. You need to sign into a different iCloud account from your iPhone settings which is absurd because I only have one iCloud account
  5. I'm having immense difficulty backing up my WhatsApp data which I want to transfer onto a new phone. The old phone is an iphone4 and its successor is an iPhone 7plus. Would appreciate advice. Thanks in anticipation
  6. thanks, mate. No idea, but think you're probably right about the badging. Do you think it'll be better than plusnet?
  7. I'm looking for a new phone/broadband supplier and the one which seems to come out top in the savings stakes is Now Broadband. Does anyone have any experiences/views on them as a provider. I'm currently on Plusnet which comes out at double the price. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. the Sheffield business directory is, as far as I can tell, way out of date; perhaps the best service would be to remove it altogether because when I used it most of the contact details for the business that I wanted to contact had either ceased trading or were way out of date.
  9. yeah, James Caan changed his name to get where he got and so do loads of other people because of the, dare I say it, "snobby" prejudiced attitudes
  10. I'd also be wary about taking on anyone as a business partner unless you've known them for several years at least and have found them to be trustworthy, reliable, good with money, honest and so on and so forth.
  11. I can assure you that it does happen primarily through a load of technical stuff. a mate was cleaned out after one scumbag hacked into his account and set up an unauthorised payment
  12. I inform them that before we can proceed to the purpose of their call that they must provide their full invoicing address, transfer me to their accounts department so that I can verify the information in order to raise a £500 invoice which they must pay in advance and with cleared funds before going any further. They end up shouting at me and putting the phone down,
  13. they do take photos of the street at the time they. put signs up - I've seen 'em as they were doing it, and when I asked them what they were doing, that's what they said they were doing so that they could prove that they'd done what they said they'd done when they said they'd done it.
  14. you are joking aren't you??? Redacted contract, trees hacked and goodness knows what else that we don't know about
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