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  1. It was a dry summer and is only shown as a long straight white line. I maybe wrong of course, but my amateur interpretation is of a roman road. There was also a simple excavation many many years ago which discovered a roman road in the area, cant pin point that excavation though at the moment.
  2. My aims are for a roman road, so there maybe some coins etc. Other are enclosures...which maybe animal, maybe habitation, maybe even ritual lol
  3. Well I want to advance our knowledge of the area...so that would be fantastic
  4. That sounds good megalith, I will check out the sites to make sure etc. Not everyone can afford them, but I can combine my knowledge with people who have one and maybe we can add to what we know
  5. I know of a few crop marks around east and south east Sheffield. I don't have a metal detector so If anyone with a metal detector wants to join me, or if I could borrow one that would be good as I want to get some evidence to date the sites.
  6. Hi I know of a few possible archaeological sites around South East Sheffield and East Sheffield (based on crop marks) that would be good to look at. I don't own a metal detector myself, but would anyone like to team up and see if we can find a date for the sites? I will need to seek the land owners permission first though.
  7. The second option fits very nicely in places
  8. Hi I need a favour.....I think I have found about 1 and a half kilometres of the Ryknield roman road, east of sheffield. And I want to try and get as much info about the route between chesterfield and rotherham as possible, to see if I can find more of it. Can anyone help?
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