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  1. I remember Mrs Crump. Dark haired lady who was pleasant enough as I recall. Had to have some form of authority to be Head Mistress. Lived near Gleadless Townend
  2. Back in the late seventies, former Blades hero & current Argentina manager, Alejandro (Alex) Sabella lived in Mosborough. Does anyone know where abouts in Mosborough?
  3. Certainly recommend http://www.jbheatingservices.co.uk as reliable & thorough.
  4. My wife & I went to both Herdings & Ashleigh. I left Ashleigh in '80 and my wife four years prior to that. We both remember most of the teachers mentioned & all the pupils some of which are still friends. Regarding the McCartneys, there was a family by the same name whose father was Caretaker at Ashleigh lower school in the late 60s Fond memories of Colin Henstock (Peter Popplejack) and Mr. Harding (Ipaminondas)
  5. For the past seven or eight months I've been using the above restaurant having both sit down meals and take aways. The food here I find to be the best Asian food around by miles. Two weeks ago I bought a take away & was shocked to find the prices had increased significantly on main meals. E.g CHICKEN BIRYANI has increased from £5.50 to £7.50 and CHICKEN TIKKA from £6.00 to £7.50. Anyone know as to why this is? Much appreciated RAY
  6. What about these from one of the most misinterpreted & underrated songwriters of our time. Some of the lyrics from NOTHING RHYMED by GILBERT O'SULLIVAN If I give up the seat I've been saving To some elderly lady or man Am I being a good boy Am I your pride and joy Mother please if your pleased say I am And if while in the course of my duty I perform an unfortunate take Would you punish me so, unbelievably so Never again will I make that mistake This feeling inside me could never deny me The right to be wrong if I choose And this pleasure I get From say winning a bet Is to lose When I'm drinking my Bonaparte Shandy Eating more than enough apple pies Will I glance at my screen and see real human beings starve to death Right in front of my eyes Nothing old, nothing new, nothing ventured Nothing gained, nothing still-born or lost, Nothing further than proof nothing wilder than youth Nothing older than time, nothing sweeter than wine Nothing physically, recklessly, hopelessly blind Nothing I couldn't say Nothing why 'cos today Nothing rhymed
  7. I see what you mean. Maybe that would be better with all seven of 'em. I expected it to be a bit cheesey & it was though they were very professional. I think a similar show is running in Vegas for the next three years I would liked to have seen them do two or three of their oldies in their entirity & not just as short versions
  8. Did last year pass you by? They did a British tour last year including Sheffield Arena in May: Donny, Jimmy, Marie, Wayne, Jay, Merrill, Alan
  9. Remember it well. Think it was 9pm - 10pm on Saturday night on ITV & sometimes clashed with MOTD. I recall one episode which featured some guest house named WOODHEATH MOTEL. After all the deadly commotions that went the name sign lights of the place outside read DEATH MOTEL as some of the lights had gone out right at the end. Scareee!!!
  10. (what's the story) morning glory ? - oasis
  11. Yes, I know what you mean re: Richard Allinson. Nothing wrong with Mark Radcliffe though. I like his wit & he's a Slade fan so that's double bubble.
  12. Looks like it's you pattricia writing next years song then eh?
  13. Wonder if that log or remnants of it are still floating around the pool. Swim at your peril!!!
  14. I'm a Pistols fan of the highest order & have seen them 5 times in recent years. I also think The Clash were a fantastic band too and I appreciate them more now than when they were together. From that night on 4th July 1976 I have neither met anyone nor seen any photos from that evening. At that point in their career The Pistols had only played 33 known gigs prior to this one if I'm correct & The Black Swan I think was only their sixth Northern one so very few had seen them or understood them at that point, me included. It would be nice to hear from someone who witnessed that evening. They only did small clubs, halls, colleges, strip joints etc & after that night it would be another 5 months before they appeared on live tv on the Today programme with Bill Grundy......'n the rest as they say is history.
  15. I've had it years. It was released on DVD on 24 September 2001. Just seen it for £7.63 inc. P&P on LoveFilm. BTW Best album is NMTB Here's The Sex Pistols. So much energy, fantastic musicianship, brilliant production, never dated & still relevant.
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