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  1. Being trying pal can't get through ---------- Post added 20-05-2016 at 09:43 ---------- If you bought a ticket already as a st holder can you again but another under foundation ---------- Post added 20-05-2016 at 09:44 ---------- If you already have bought one as a season ticket holder, can you buy another if you have foundation using the same id
  2. Anyone know if season ticket holders can get a another ticket if they have foundation Cheers
  3. Whats your choice??????????????????/
  4. got the screens how hard can it be, any feedback welcome
  5. Does this mean a refund is possible lol ---------- Post added 06-04-2014 at 20:31 ---------- Mine will go to my chosen charity altzimers ---------- Post added 06-04-2014 at 20:33 ---------- By the way 2 hrs 10 not bad eh
  6. I ran today and they said we would still get a time, where can I find it ?
  7. whats the difference between the 2? is one better than the other
  8. Why the hell is that helicopter flying around s5 for last hour
  9. Hi, im wanting someone to attend a property and make offers on all the goods, carpets, cooker, fridge, microwave toasters etc. We need the items gone and the owner does not have time to list, if you are availbale tommorrow at 1-3, then let me know will pm the address thyanks
  10. was wanting 4 Bruno mars tickets but they are asking stupid money, how much should I pay?
  11. its for people with complex needs a tenancy support service, they furnish your flat then support you to eventually live independant. a good service for those who have nothing.
  12. how do you update a stanav anyone can help, thanks
  13. does anyone know when i should change the cambelt and roughlt how much does it cost thansk
  14. unlucky a1, lol, iits looking like i will be reveiwing iso far....lol
  15. its that upgrade time again? had the htc desire last 2 years, and been impressed, but feels old now, and its that time, so again i ask, whats the best phone out there? htc iphone samsung what
  16. Does anyone know how to delete everything and reset back to when it was bought. Thanks for any help
  17. does anyone know what buttons you press to find out the memory, ram, processor on a laptop.
  18. 12:00 on the shops at gleadless, it was just after i saw some little ginger lad with his arms down his pants, that also made me laugh, then to top it off i saw some kid, wheel spinning a quad bike with a scream mask on, this i thought was just to far, and my thought was our younger generation are confused....
  19. just wanted to ask is walking to the shop in your PJ`s ok, i saw this youg girl today walking in pink PJ`s across a busy shopping area, is this acceptable, i just laughed my head off and felt sorry for her. whats your veiws.
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