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  1. Tattoo's on a females lower back are real sexy For Tattoo advice and designs to download for your tattoist, check-out this site. Tattoo Blogger
  2. The oncoming driver probably accelerated because he obviously assumed that you would conform to the rules of the highway code, and give priority to oncoming traffic. ----- Enough said.
  3. As I see this, You positioned your vehicle to make a right turn. When the lights changed to green, you proceeded to make your right turn, whilst the traffic in the opposing lane. intending to go straight ahead, had also started to move.:nono: I suggest that you get yourself a copy of the highway code. At any junction, light controlled or otherwise, If you are turning right across oncoming traffic, then they have priority and you must wait. I can understand the driver giving you a few abusive words, as I would have done if you tried to turn right across my path.
  4. Belated Birthday Wishes I hope that you had a good one
  5. Yes I guessed that is what is happening
  6. Yes I saw that reading through, but I just thought that I would add my thoughts, with no intention of trying to re-hash the subject.
  7. what does that have to do with it? :loopy: I am stating MY opinion, or, is one not allowed to do that?
  8. What a bloody farce ..... How can they carry on with the election after hundreds have been denied their democratic right to vote?
  9. Hmmmm, I use google webmaster tools and analytics for my websites optimisation, every month they display the relevance of the keywords I am using in my meta tags, according to the number of searches performed, and click throughs. I then replace the keywords that are not performing well, or, just add keywords that are performing better according to google's keyword research tool.
  10. SSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH He was out doing his PI (Private Investigator) duty to try and catch the perpetrators of the serious crime, (sorry, very serious crime), the theft of two towels and four clothes pegs by two persons unknown, wearing balacalavas. If you see the two perpetrators, please apprehend them and then PM teuton, who I am sure will reward you handsomely.
  11. You can find out about benefits HERE
  12. Oh Dear .........................
  13. I'm thinking ......... I am here on my lonesome again!!! ..............
  14. 1703 to 1999 until she was replaced by ...............
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