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  1. There’s been lots of van breakins recently, the thieves seem to peel the side doors back ! I’ve just got my self a van and wondered if any one knew where I could get som type of security lock fitted for the side does and rear ?
  2. Can anyone tell me where in sheffield you can buy rubber glazing seal for a greenhouse ? Any help is appreciated
  3. Hi does anyone k ow what's happening at the bottom of Hallomoor Rd malin bridge ? There's loads of police fire engine and ambulance , police have blocked the area off ??
  4. There are two awesome kickboxing/thai boxing shows coming up in Sheffield in April one on the 2nd hosted by Waj Shaffique of the Showdown fight series these never fail to impress and the other on the 10th organised by Joe McGovern of JMG Gym this also promises to be a good show, both shows introducing local talent as well as seasoned pro fighters - got a feeling April is going to be a great month and at the end of April there's a massive competition at ponds forge WTKA which has kickboxing / thai boxing competition and the usual LC & Points stuff - get training peeps.
  5. hi I'm wanting to donate clothes to the Syrian crisis or kos can anyone tell me where to take them or who to call Thanks
  6. Apparently there was a strike today at Hillsborough college, two of my friends kids were left to walk about college and mess about on FB all day till they decided to go home at 1.30 cause there was nothing for them to do - what a joke
  7. If this is the case I don't think I'll be letting my son go to hillsborough, the least I would expect from a FE college is to have a qualified teacher / lecturer teaching my son - I think we will be looking else where he may have to chose something else to study. Are there any college tutors / staff on here that could clarify the situation??
  8. If there are redundancies who will teach the students - a friend of mines daughter is at city college doing hair and beauty, last year the college made most of the lecturers redundant saying they didn't need them and replaced them with a Teaching assessor and the class are all over the place this new teacher or teaching assessor apparently teaches naff all and now she's falling behind with her work I fact the whole class's is behind she says she doesn't want to do her next year it's that bad. My sons accepted a place at Hillsborough on a Public Service course so I'll be interested to see what happens.
  9. hi where is the best place in sheffield for recycled flag stones? I'm after some for a greenhouse base but not sure which places recycle them as I don't really need new ones, any help appreciated.
  10. Hi I have a few VHS and mini cassettes that I need transferring on to DVD or mp4 can any one help, I've seen loads of posts telling people to purchase a DVD combi player and do it my self but I just want some one to do it for me as I don't really have the time !
  11. Does any one know where I can get a stair lift serviced and the batterys replaced ?
  12. Does any one know what the cost per m2 pebble dashing is ? I'm in the middle of having it done and I'm sure the guys charging me too much!
  13. Mod note As you are advertising a job, and looking for quotes, please place your advert in the "Jobs" section in classified. Thanks.
  14. A big well done to Alex Mckenzie on winning his K1 world title at the weekend at the octagon centre. What a show some cracking fights and also Yorkshire MKA s Rich Lambing on his title win another good fight. In fact both clubs had loads of good fighters on well done to the promoters on securing a world title fight for the show , I bet it's not easy. Good job
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