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  1. To anyone out there who hasn't yet had the pleasure of seeing this fab Sheffield band, I would highly reccomend you go see them, they do all the cover versions of some of the best songs ever written i.e elton john,stevie wonder,paul mcartney, hall and oates to name but a few. John Reilly the lead singer also fronts that other fab Sheffield band Boy On a dolphin. They usually play The Boardwalk,Snig Hill last fri of the month, a great night out, especially for the over 35s who will appreciate the era of the songs.
  2. I love a good coincidence story so heres mine. I was brought up in council maisonette, the address was 40 Foxhill Ave, i lived there for eight years till I was 10. Many years later after I had been married for about 10 years and by this time was living in Dinnington a strange thing occured.I came home from work and saw a scrap of paper on the kitchen side, I looked at it and saw a name and address on it, I cant remember the name but the address was 40 Foxhill Ave, when I asked my hubby where it was from he explained he had been driving his bus in Sheffield when one of the passengers had an accident, my hubby had to get a witness, the witness just happened to live in the house I had lived in all those years ago, I was absolutely gobbed smacked, he had no idea that I had lived there till I told him that day.Spookee
  3. Hi. I recommend Kelly Serives, I went in on Monday and they told me to come back on wednesday for an assessment. I spent two hours in there today and came out with a full time job at Abbey Call Centre, starting in just over a week. They were extremley helpful and friendly and i couldnt be happier!
  4. Thanks for the reply, its very much appreciated!
  5. Hi all. I have an interview at Ventura on Thursday and just wondered if anyone had experienced it and if so what is involved? I have been told it will last around an hour and a half. Thanks P.S. Anyone got any ideas on what i should wear!
  6. Thanks for that it was extremely helpful. I have managed to find out the five competencies they are looking for and found out about the S.T.A.R principle. Ive prepared numerous answers and examples, so hopefully all will go well. I will let you know. Thanks again!
  7. Hi. I have a telephone interview with HSBC for the role of cashier. Just wondered if anyone had experienced a telephone interview with them and what type of questions they asked. Thanks
  8. Hi. Ive just applied at the Royal Bank Of Scotland too. The half an hour phone call is a telephone interview. They ask you a number of competency questions. I found this site helpful for a few sample questions. http://www.get.hobsons.co.uk/viewTopic/94. They told me straight away that i had passed and now i am waiting for my face to face interview. Good luck anyway!!
  9. Hi. I have an interview for the Royal Bank Of Scotland working in the Processing Services. Just wondered if anyone had, had an iterview with them and what it was like?? Also is there anyone who has ever done this job?? Thanks
  10. Its great to read all these memories from all you ex Fox Hill residents, It really makes me smile to hear about all you lot who used to get a cardboard box and go sliding down Back Edge, I guess this was a favourite pastime of many of the kids who lived on Fox hill in the sixties and early seventies. I wonder if any of you who still live on Fox Hill can tell us if the Back Edge is still there, i bet there are houses now where the fields used to be. Please keep sending your Fox Hill memories to this forum.
  11. hiya carol, Do you have sister called Angela, if so she was in my class, I also know the names debbie pickering and josephine gibson, proberbly because of my sister. We left in 1971 and went to ecclesfield comp, but still have fond memories of fox hill and our childhood spent there.
  12. Hi Wardy, My name was Sharon Gaffney before I got married, I am 46 and I went to Fox Hill juniors till 1971 when the family moved to Chapeltown. My sister Bev was in the year above me at school she is now 48. The teachers I remember are Mr youle, Mrs Parkin [had very fat legs], Mrs Moorecroft, Mrs Pashley, Mr mawson. Do you remember going to the new school in 1970, a bit different to the old prefabs we were taught in.The zig zag path, classes seperated by the blackboards, quiet rooms.Some of the families who I remember from the maisonettes are the Womacks, very big family, had seven kids, the Cusworths, Macdonalds. What memories do you have of Fox hill school? Some names I remember from my class, Ian Worth, Elaine Bottom,Chris Done, Pamela Bennet, Elaine Holmes, kevin Hutchinson,Michelle Bownes, Debra Bowley, Peter Angus to name but a few. Thanks for your reply, Sharon
  13. thanks for your reply, did you also live in the maisonettes, if so what block?looking back times were good, families were very friendly, and everyone knew each other,I left in 1971 but still visited old friends until the late seventies, it all seemed to be getting a bit rough by then, glad i was there when it was a nice place to live, thanks for you reply.
  14. hi, I lived at 40 Fox Hill Ave, the third block down, I remember the farm and going there for a bottle of milk when the shops were shut. Did you live in the maisonettes? I left fox hill in 1971, i went to fox hill junior school on keats rd, Mr parkin was the head teacher, how strict was he!, did you go to this school? Would love to hear any stories you have.
  15. I lived in the maisonettes on Fox Hill Avenue, what i remember most is playing out on the 'back edge' we played for hours and hours rolly pollying down the banks, wandering about the fields, picking blackberries. You could see the batchelors foods factory but we never dared go that far. I also rember Burgins food shop and going in the beer off for a pennies worth of sherbert. I believe the maisonetees no longer exist. They were very unusual in layout situated over 4 floors. Did anyone else live in these maisonettes? It would be great to read other peoples memories of living on Foxhill, good or bad.
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