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  1. He comes in my workplace occasionally.
  2. I did try ringing the other week but he wasn't very helpful, just asked if I was trying to sell something. The line was really bad so the name he possibly said of the man who owned it in the 80's could have been me mishearing. If I could find out the owner who used to own it during the 80's I could be part way there but it seems that the internet doesn't tell me much of what I really need to know. Thank you for replying once again, I have tried to write 3 different threads now and I don't know anyone who has any information. ---------- Post added 18-03-2015 at 13:04 ---------- Apparently the owner has moved to Luton according to the person on the phone. ---------- Post added 20-03-2015 at 18:36 ---------- Hi Erin no they are not italian. Asian/pakistani, im unsure but if I could just find out the name or names of the owner & his son I could ask them what I need to know.
  3. I have searched google numerous times and it isn't very informative. But thank you for replying.
  4. I am trying to locate the owner of the shop who owned it in the mid 80's mentioned above before it became a Premier store. I think it may be the son who I am actually trying to get in contact with rather than the actual owner. If anyone knows either of their names (owner or son) or any information about them could you please let me know either by writing on the thread or by PM'ing me. I am trying to contact them for personal reasons. Thank you.
  5. Gdshef60 my uncle was called Ian Bacon. He died a few years back.
  6. Wow what a sarky bunch. The note didnt blow away, ill know not to post much on here again.
  7. Hi does anyone remember what this shop used to be called & who owned it in 1987. I rang up & I think he mentioned a Mr Barani but the line wasnt too clear. Thank you for any information.
  8. Me too. If not I won't do a good deed for anyone again.
  9. Front door left unlocked, keys in the lock, luckily I came back when I did as I saw some kids clambering all over his garage roof and messing around on the front of the house. I think they would have let themselves in (not much furniture in as the house is being done up but still the kids could have done some damage). I took the keys and posted a message on the front door saying ''come and knock at *** ******* ****''. There is a man who comes frequently who is doing the house up for the owner (owner is a woman) but I am hoping he comes in the morning or something as I don't want him to think I have been in the house or anything (I haven't of course and the door is now locked). It's not exactly a nice area to leave the keys in the door either.
  10. I think the shop I am on about is now an hairdressers. I really need to find the owner or his son as I believe he may hold some information about my past. The shop was owned by a man & his son used to work there & they had a woman there from the YTS scheme to work there for a few weeks/months (unsure which) but I really need to know anything about this as I need to find the son of the owner. Think the son was early 30's in 1987 if this helps anyone.
  11. There was a shop on Glossop Road across from the church in 1987. Does anyone know who the owner was around that time or what the shop was called please? I am asking as I really need to know to figure out my past. Thank you for any help.
  12. I won £20 on one and don't really buy them now since I had my little girl I can't afford them..... .
  13. The couple of lads I saw were black as well and they were being stopped from going anywhere by the police.
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