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  1. This Forum always tends to see quite a high BNP vote, higher than the final election results. However, saying that it looks like they will get at least one MEP which would be a very bad reflection on our society.
  2. But the one that counted was voting to let Labour back in power after the last local elections, despite Labour losing seats and the Lib Dems making gains. Greens can't complain if Lib Dems are saying 'vote Green, get Labour running the Council'. It's difficult to understand the point in voting for a so called radical party as when it comes to the crunch you opted for the status quo, i.e. Labour.
  3. You might be interested in this press release which covers this subject: - http://sheffieldlibdems.org.uk/news/8.html
  4. Not sure what you mean by 'Sheffielsd not entertaining the idea'. There will be two new academies opening this year and, as far as i know, nearly all schools in Sheffield have specialist status. So, unless you know otherwise, our Labour Council are going along with Tony Blairs education plans and have embraced 'diversity'. Although if the diversity agenda was offered without the huge financial incentives (to the detriment of other schools?), i believe Tony Blairs plans would come up against more opposition from LEAs.
  5. Interesting programme last night. I was amazed to hear that English Heritage talked about the redevelopment giving the building a life of another 20 or 30 years! Is this what taxpayers are shelling out £35m for? Do potential buyers of apartments in Park Hill know about this forcast? It all seems very odd to me.
  6. Interesting: - http://www.sheffieldtoday.net/ViewArticle2.aspx?SectionID=58&ArticleID=1283765 Will look forward to seeing the programme on Saturday @ 8pm on Channel Four.
  7. Only 700 families who are being/have been kicked out!
  8. Whereabouts is Fitzallen Square in the City centre?
  9. Link to the relevant story in todays Star: - http://www.sheffieldtoday.net/ViewArticle2.aspx?SectionID=58&ArticleID=1269146
  10. Fareast, your talking rubbish. It is easier to get a gun in the UK than it used to be, therefore gun crime is on the increase. Nobody is saying lets not do anything about it, just don't stay awake at night worrying about it. The internet, mobile phones and general globalistaion make everything more accessable, the increase in gun crime is inevitable. This dosent mean we should do nothing to combat it.
  11. Because of the 'americanisation' (is that right? ) and gang culture from sections of the younger population. Its down to society, Government can legislate to a degree but there is only so much the authorities can do. Good luck if you can come up with a quick-fix solution. Let me know when you do ..............
  12. Student Noise on Ecclesall Road shock horror! Is this thread a joke?
  13. Thank God we don't have a Home Secretary as reactionary as you! All i was pointing out is that these shootings are unrelated and we shouldnt be worried. If you look at other comparable Cities like Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Nottingham we are still a 'safe city' in terms of gun crime. Don't get wound up by the media.
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