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  1. AGM and PLANT SALE at Grimesthorpe allotments this coming Saturday May 17th, allotments are sited on Grimesthorpe road, S4. 11am till 3pm, Society AGM at 1pm. Plants for sale/Preserves/Savouries/ cakes/refreshments etc available. The allotment shop will also be open for business.
  2. Asking price: £100 Condition of item: Good Location: S4 Further details 8ft x 6ft Aluminium glasshouse for sale, buyer to collect. part dismantled already. Needs about 30m of black rubber glazing gasket. pm for further details or to discuss price.
  3. Hi, anyone know what happened to this Butchers ? Are they still going somewhere else ? Anyone know any of the family ? Dean.
  4. I'm after 2' wide greenhouse glass and also glazing bars to glaze the roof on my allotment glasshouse, will to come and dismantle. Dean.
  5. I have two going spare. I'm at Grimesthorpe allotments at Pitsmoor. Dean.
  6. http://www.sheffieldsoldierww1.co.uk/Hospital/ http://www.sheffieldsoldierww1.co.uk/MIs/
  7. Hi, I need to get a parcel (a couple of photo albums) from Exeter to Sheffield in the safest way possible by courier etc, and then return them. Which courier and how much roughly ? I need to arrange this from Sheffield too. regards Dean.
  8. Total Chaos ! you hit the nail on the head there fella, well done !!! Absolutely true !
  9. Miscarriages of justice occur on here too ! Someone can call me someones' 'Bum chum', yes I am Gay ! But when I call them an 'insidious cretin' I get a ban !!
  10. 15 sets of remains of British Soldiers were found in 2009 at Beaucamps Ligny in France. There could be Sheffield men amongst them. There is a campaign running to find living relatives of these men to try and determine through DNA testing their identities. There are a possible 58 soldiers who these remains could be of. 54 living relatives/DNA donors have been found, of the 4 that are remaining Henry William Parker of Sheffield, is the only one where there is a prospect of finding a relative. The widowed mother of the soldier, Frances Selina Parker, lived at Petre Street, Burngreave during the interwar period and possibly continued to live there until her death at the age of 91 in 1956. The soldier had two sisters, Naomi b.1886 and Nellie b.1889. There were also two brothers George Robert b. 1895 and Fred b.1902. Nothing is known of Fred but George married Mabel Langhorn in Sheffield on 18 August 1915. Mabel died in Sheffield in 1972. George was wounded twice during the war and the couple had a son, George K Parker b.1924 who married Dorothy Taylor b.1925 at Sheffield in 1952. George and Dorothy had one son, Michael P Parker b. 1958 in Sheffield. That is about all the information that I have. Parker is obviously a fairly common name which makes it very difficult to trace the family through the BMD index and even more so when trying to trace the great nephew, Michael Parker, using the electoral rolls for South Yorkshire. So looking for Michael P. Parker. regards Dean.
  11. Wipe my feet Boil Friday. Better than the threesome you indulge in with Fishface and Meth's man
  12. Boil Friday, gotcha !! you now have to revert to homophobic insults of the most obscene type to try and get one back, mods, are you going to allow such homophobic language like that ?
  13. I have my opinion's on this thread, I am in the 'don't give' camp, our own come first !! But what I really like about this thread is the utter and complete defeat of the 'usual suspects' by Peer Gynt, namely Boil Friday, Fishface Halibut no but, but yes but, etc, Methlebel, aka Whitby Boy, and all the rest of the Left knicker wetter's, apologist's, etc, etc, Peer Gynt for Prime Minister !!!
  14. Where can I go to vote 'Yes' for these van's, apparently there are '60' yes 60, people that have complained about them, how many have agreed to them ? I want to register my 'yes' for them, how do I do it so that it is represented on the national news to counter the 'no' brigade ? (usual suspects Pi55 O55)
  15. It's early 1990's, brand new 125cc Kawasaki for my job at Penistone. Long story short it got nicked. Long story short I found out who had taken it. Long story short informed Police, they came to my house and sat at my kitchen table and said yes, we know who took it, we also know that one of our colleagues had stopped them on said bike with no helmet etc, but seeing as he gave us 'valuable info' we didn't nick him!!!!! Also that my bike's engine was now in a home made go-kart!!!!!!! This was at the bottom of Bellhouse road, (number 614). The person who took it was given 7 years in prison for drug dealing a few months later, (front of The Star) he has also been sent back down again in the last year or so. He also got my best mates daughter on to drugs, being her supplier etc. He and his large family of scroats live on the Flower Estate, can I name him ??
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