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  1. Does anyone recall the name of the internet blocking product that was invented by a guy in Sheffield. I want one but csnt remember what it was called.
  2. Could anyone tell me how I pay money into my account by standing order.
  3. We bought an electric omelette maker from Groupon and it keeps tripping all our electricity. Just had a look at it an the plug is not a sealed one. Correct me if I'm wrong but Barnet all UK ones ones supposed to be sealed units?
  4. Could anyone tell me what it means when the website says "You cannot apply for this property for the following reasons: You have already been nominated on another property." Thanks.
  5. I can't connect the camera directly to tho router, it only has abandoned USB connector
  6. It says apache on box. I am using ap to conet to camera. It sends an audible signal to camera to connect to it!
  7. We got an ip camera second hand and when I try to connect it, it says mounted successful but to unmount it from previous users settings. Tried resetting it to factory but keeps saying same thing. What can I do. It uses I ithink app. Is there another app I could use?
  8. Hi I wondered if anyone can help and have their own business. My son is 21 and is registered disabled from a brain trauma 2 years ago. Although he is getting pip it doesn't help him fill his time in the days up and he is really bored and wants to work. He is not bothered about wages. He feels useless and is becoming less socially active and losing confidence. We all think it's in his best interest to volunteer and help to help him socialise more and if he is settled maybe earn a wage. He is not bothered what the job is as long as he can help and gain experience as well as Independence. Please if anyone has a cafe or a shop or anything that would suitable. He can wal and talk he is capable of helping and has a lovely manner and attitude. He has a small short term memory that only causes problems if he is asked to so many things so we write it down.
  9. It was windows 8.1. I'm sure. Laptops only a year or so old but it doesn't have a disk drive. I've asked about if anyone has a copy of 8.1 or 10. Don't want to be paying 70 for a legal copy when it was a legal copy
  10. I'm trying to get my Toshiba Satellite c50-b back to factory settings after the evaluation copy of windows 10 expired . Tried the factory rest option and this asks me to insert recovery media. I don't have this as the recovery is supposed to be on a hidden partition. Any advice on what I can do please. Error code: 0xc0000428
  11. Bought a tablet from argos a year and half ago and i accidently dropped it, it hasnt broken the screen or anything and works ok when has charge but it is having problems charging and holding charge, it will not go past 26% any ideas or easy fix?? or if someone can fix it
  12. Just been told that there is a new gym opening on Halifax Road. Does anyone know anything about it, I looked on Google and can't find anything
  13. For some reason when I turn on my laptop it has started to ask for internet login password all ir will accept is either a 5 or 12 digit password anything else and the ok button is grayed out. What could be the problem?
  14. Reason I asked was because last time i googled it the record was out of date. Nice to know someone managed to use lmgtfy though.
  15. Can anyone give me the contact details for the boxing club please.
  16. Just want to go get s bottle of wine to have with our dinner. Don't know what time I can buy it in the shop on a Sunday.
  17. No, l did it last Thursday. I was supposed to work Saturday then off for a week.
  18. I injured my knee at work last week and am going to send a sick note in. Am i entitled to company sick pay and to take my holiday at a different time when my knee is better? If i am, would the company i work for do this as a matter of course or would i have to fight for it?
  19. Trying to find out if they still do boxing in there. Facebook page says its closed and i cant find any other info.
  20. Think my laptop wants a new hard drive, if it does how do i get windows back on it as i do not have a disk or anything?
  21. The accelerater cable snapped on my car and is stuck outside Lindsay shops on parson cross. It's a 2003 Renault Megan scenic 4x4. I really need the use of the car urgently.
  22. Can you recommend anything? I have a windows surface and i dont like it
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