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  1. I thought that might have been a possibility when I realise I couldn't see a car.
  2. It wasn't at Ponds Forge, it was on Park Square Roundabout. Someone was laid on the floor on the pedestrian crossing when I came past so presumably been hit by a car, although I didn't see one parked up, there was only police cars.
  3. I think the place looks absolutely fantastic but with the shops that are open at the minute, it's pretty rubbish. They'd have been better off waiting a few months till Next & Sandersons were ready to open. Had a look at the menus for the 2 restaurants and I don't think they're too badly priced. They're not cheap but they're not obscene either. £6-£7 for a beer is ridiculous of course but it's only the same at Pizza Express. No it isn't, been re-opened a couple of months now. Had quite a nice refurb.
  4. Evans is awful. His studio bits are absolutely terrible and his voiceovers in the videos are as though he's trying to be like Clarkson. The celebrity bit is rubbish too. Why get 2 guests on that don't have anything in common? As for them reading each others advert/promotion, that is cringeworthy. Take Evans out of it though and the last 2 shows have been good. I like Le Blanc and Chris Harris & Rory Reid were really good on the latest show, I hope we get to see more of them. The video last week where they brought in Tinie Tempah, Charlene Spiteri & Seasick Steve to do the whole challenge with them was a great idea, which I thought worked very well. I even thought Evans was alright in that one. The first show was terrible but the last 2 have made up for it. They've got to change the studio bits though, they're awful.
  5. They're big, stationary objects inbetween the 2 lanes on the road. How on earth can they be dangerous? Whoever the car driver was this morning quite clearly fancied his/her chances as the traffic lights were changing and tried to speed through them and round the corner but must have left it so late that they went through when they were on red and either hit the bus that was going along the main road or hit the island trying to avoid said bus. Absolute idiot.
  6. After being stood unused for at least 8 years, I finally got my Webley Raider topped up with air the other day. Now I just need somewhere to use it! Can anyone recommend anywhere? I've seen the range in Rotherham that has been posted but I'm in S36 so would prefer somewhere closer. There's plenty of countryside around here but as I understand the law now, I can't use my gun within 50 feet of a footpath/road?
  7. There's loads of them, 4 within the space of a third of a mile in the town centre!!
  8. I parked up in my car on Edmund Road at 8.30 so must have missed this, and the traffic chaos it probably caused, by a matter of minutes.
  9. I'm wanting a scarf like this, but don't fancy paying £60 for one. http://www.savile-rogue.com/england-premier-league-c14/arsenal-c15/savile-rogue-red-and-white-deluxe-cashmere-football-scarf-in-the-colours-of-arsenal-p52 Does anyone have a pattern for one? What's the best type of wool to use? I want it to be nice and soft, not cheap and itchy on my skin. How much wool would I need? (I want it about 5 feet long) I'm not knitting it myself btw, I'm going to get someone to do it for me.
  10. You can put a bid in for £1,000,000 but if the highest bid prior to you bidding is £7.50 then your bid will be £8.00.
  11. I, like many, use Penistone Road every day and hardly ever see any buses so quite why they need a bus lane is beyond me. In relation to the bus lane though, what the hell have they done outside the entrance to Morrisons (coming out of town)? Before the entrance, you've got 2 lanes plus a bus lane, then immediately after the entrance, it goes to one normal lane, plus one super wide lane,which very shortly narrows to a normal sized lane, it's absolutely ridiculous!
  12. I've had it for a week or so, assume it's a chest infection. Been taking co-codamol and that soothes it for a few hours.
  13. I never pay to park in the town centre. Always use the same, free, place. Not telling anyone where it is though as I park there for the United matches so don't want everyone to know about it!
  14. Get the OnePlus One. Comes with Cyanogenmod straight from the factory (although I have no clue what CM is or how to use it). Dirt cheap too. Only £270 for the 64GB version. I recently got one after having iPhone for about 5 years and I love it. Can't fault Android at all.
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