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  1. I came last time and it was very pleasurable, I would think I am about the oldest, 82 and started at sharrow lane in 1941\42
  2. I never knew there was one at the heeley palace which would have been convenient for me, instead I made the long trek to the Star on ecclesall road every Saturday.
  3. I remember Albert Cox playing regularly for the first team and he also gave a very good display when he opposed the one and only Stanley Mathews in a fixture.
  4. I have said this many times on line "we could all benefit from installing a post office in the moor market.
  5. Brunswick Trinity youth club, anybody remember Ruth Jarman who was the most dedicated person I can ever remember
  6. Before the Lido, as a 14-15 year old I practically lived in the 100 metre pool, the summers were better then and I went every Sunday morning, sometimes breaking the Ice, and also Xmas day.
  7. I have just heard that Jim May passed away last night (Aug 9th). ---------- Post added 14-08-2017 at 11:16 ---------- The Funeral of Jim May is at Hutcliffe Wood on Friday 25th Aug. at 10.30am.
  8. Sorry to see McNulty has gone, but where has he gone, anybody know?
  9. I went to nightschool on Norfolk St, building long gone now. I officially finished work at 5.30 but nightschool started at 6.00 so the firm "generously" let me go at 5.15 I lived nearby so I had time to have a bite to eat before running like hell to catch the tram to town, this was in the 1950s. A memory I have, one evening going along Surrey St. I was stopped by two men and a woman who asked me if there was a decent Restaurant nearby I directed them to the Grand Hotel, I would imagine they were appearing at the Lyceum as I recognised David Tomlinson and Rona Anderson.
  10. "Does anybody remember ?" I will never forget it, scrumptious.
  11. I remember it was made with "Jersey" milk
  12. Hi David France, "Sharrovian" was also the School magazine when I was there.
  13. Hi David France, my brother and I have visited the cafe which i believe is situated in what was the Girls Hall. I attended the centenary celebrations back in the 1980s and went into the boys hall which to me seemed much smaller than I remembered.
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