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  1. Hi rob-s, so do you not have your own website?
  2. We have a budget of up to £650 We're after coverage of the ceremony through to the first dance. Extending that to coverage of getting ready in the morning would be nice but not required. Personally we're not interested in a pre-engagement shoot or album - we'd like the images on disc or usb. We do want a good quality photographer and do have a couple in mind but would like recommendations. The wedding will be in either Sheffield / Chesterfield Thanks!
  3. It's one of the Sheffield University venues. http://www.sheffield-weddings.co.uk/venues/the-ridge I've been looking at this and also The Edge, are they just reception venues or can you hold the ceremony there? They're not on the list of 'Wedding and civil partnership approved venues in Sheffield'
  4. I'm trying to get some ideas for my younger sister. She's just about to finish her GCSEs and is looking for a job and/or volunteering opportunity but isn't having much luck with dropping off CV's. If anyone knows of anywhere that are specifically looking for someone over summer could you post a reply on here. Or if anyone knows of anywhere that regularly takes on volunteers over summer that would be great. I think she's willing to do most things so the more ideas the better.
  5. I'm in no rush. That was pretty much my plan, get to know the person and the dog first. If it pulls on the lead that shouldn't be too hard to fix tbh. But yes I'd want to know a little bit more if they want to take me up on my offer. Then I'll take it from there, it was the legal side I had no clue about.
  6. Well literally I saw an advert at the local shop saying there was a young akita for sale due to illness. So I'm still waiting for details, but pretty much I've asked if it's going to be a long term thing and if it's just a short term illness (less than 6 months) I said I'd be more than willing to walk the dog for them for free. But I just wanted to double check what my offer would mean legally speaking. I thought there was a 'loop hole' if I didn't take payment. But wasn't sure. It's that whole "No good deed goes un punished thing". I'd love to help them out, but I don't want it coming back to bite me *no pun intended*
  7. I was wondering if someone could help. I've offered to walk someones dog free of charge whilst they're going through a period of illness (to avoid them having to rehome). Do I still need insurance, or can I walk the dog under any insurance they might have? Or rather can I ask them to insure the dog and then me walk it under that insurance?
  8. Looks like you guys were right, his sister had probably jabbed him in the eye cause it was looking better by 10pm last night and I've had a look today and you can barely see any difference to the good eye. Thanks again.
  9. Okies, thanks for that. Can't believe we only brought them home from cats protection 4 days ago and one of them already managed to pick up/contract something. lol. Fingers crossed he gets better by tomorrow.
  10. He's perfectly fine in himself other than that yes. Normal adorable kitten behaviour (tearing up and down the room at stupid AM chasing his sister to name just one example -_-) But yes ok, I'll grab some cotton wool whilst I'm out. How often should I be cleaning it? He's going to love me... we'd only just made friends. They came from a litter with a feral mum, didn't see humans till they were 3 weeks old so can still be a tad jumpy.
  11. Hi, One of our new kittens has conjunctivitis. He has literally gone from normal to a pink eye in the past 5-6 hours (see pic) This is the first time I've had kittens for quite some time. I'm not sure if I should be booking him straight into the vets, waiting, or looking at washing his eye out myself. Any advice appreciated. His sister is currently fine (incase that helps) ---------- Post added 16-07-2013 at 16:09 ---------- Oh and I know at first glance it looks like I'm strangling him, I'm really not. I only have one hand under his chin and was just tilting it upwards for the camera, not holding him tightly at all.
  12. I'd suggest http://www.fishforums.net - great active fish forum with lots of members and a specific marine section. I don't keep marines myself but that tank definitely sounds too small for tangs (off the top of my head). I wouldn't know about clowns or puffers though.
  13. I think you've misunderstood me. If you read my post again I was saying if there are bubbles coming out/it's noisy then there could be trapped air in it. What type of filter is it? You said you couldn't afford a new one so surely you know how much a replacement is? I can't tell you that without knowing your tank size and/or filter model. Ebay is your best bet if money is tight as second hand is always cheaper.
  14. Is it doing anything other than making a noise ie. blowing bubbles? Often trapped air makes a alot of noise but is very simple to fix. It wont always spit bubbles but you should definitely try to work out if it's trapped air. However you definitely can't turn it off. If you turn it off then you will expose the fish to ammonia poisoning. You might not be able to afford a brand new one but if you check out ebay there are sometimes some really cheap filters going. If you do buy a new one be sure to transfer all of your current filter media over into the new one.
  15. You could try http://www.aquarist-classifieds.co.uk to sell them.
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