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  1. who remembers the lime green haringtons and loffer shoes not 2 forget the blue beat hat those wer the days
  2. I new u would find me bones lot better than the black feller
  3. I New U Wood Find Me Told U I Was Better Than The Black Fellow
  4. CHRIS MOR you must remember stuart portman works as a rep
  5. wot about the johnny 7 gun better than anything bond had:hihi:
  6. tony fletcher still works there do u remember mick thompson
  7. can any 1 remember the wash house at the side of the baths and the hair dressers on the corner also not forgetting little wembly
  8. beer at 15p apint sammanthas all nighter curry at the indus in fitzallan square
  9. sawguiter bill alan sadly passed away but terry widlesworth is working for himself doing ducting u must have worked with trevor smith then
  10. when i started in 1985 there was dougie salmons geoff beck dave glover fat wilf pedro dave cutts len barker the director was called michael fryer
  11. luv 2 skinny fellow happy 50th:hihi:
  12. who was that man on gower st who used 2 walk about with a monkey on his head
  13. i can remember wendy green , janet mason and phil rookes who worked in the kitchens
  14. hi glad to see ellesmere road at last i used to live at 93 ellesmere road my gran lived at 85 (name murdoch) i went to ellesmere road school in the 60's do u remember stephen wymouth , kevin greaves , joyce incles . after i went to burngreave school with tony whitehead. then whet to earl marshall and left in 1976 can u remember paul gordan ? we left ellesemere road when the house started to get demolished very sad all my best memories are their anyone remember the Gee family , polfremans shop, i would ask for the penny tray just to wind him up . also the second hand shop on the corner .
  15. yes the hospital closed but the dept still exist all around sheffield at wardsend rd nrth is stores,supplies occ therapy,admin dental now its called sheffield care trust, still talk to old staff from middlewood some are based at grenoside grange, lonley centre, forest lodge and beighton comm hosp can you recall jim mcveigh
  16. i started in the supplies dept in 1986 and still work for supplies but now based at 45 wardsend road north in our conference room is a large print of middlewood hosp can your dad recall , david wardle , vaughan in printing dept sylvia in transport, roy piper stores dept
  17. sawguitar can u remember keith eyres he was in charge of the maintenance dept pete barker and his farther len
  18. foz that man your on about at the chemist dose he still wer those silly shirts
  19. morty do u remember harold hogdson billy bowers bill allan
  20. can any one remeber a sandwich shop across from sutherland road baths run by a iti woman and the wash house round the corner
  21. can you remember bam bam and martin grundy they played for the gower arms
  22. mY wife went to earl marshall school she left in 1976 do you remember Diane Steaden , susan stevenson , gary maw
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