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  1. one of the best djs in the wicker was sez les from the hair and hounds top man
  2. is trevor thompson still out there he was our charge hand in the mc/ shop
  3. your so funny bones have u thought of trying the clubs
  4. thats a new joke bones have u bean reading the beno again
  5. remember going 2 your yard when u was dressed up in your sams cloths and her make up thats wot i call showing yoursef up:hihi:
  6. ok bones have u done showing me up
  7. bones i can remember u sat on a bench outside the manchester in blackpool feeding the seagulls:hihi:
  8. bones wer out at 12 on sundays not 4 if u came out at that time u would be yellow and not surface 4 a week:hihi::hihi:
  9. foz wer ok on the kariokie the only song bones can sing is a gallon of magnet
  10. wot a sight it was 2 c fozzy singing old man river with a rope round his neck
  11. yes rusty then we ended up on the bench on gower st
  12. bones have u forgot about that fat woman on the dance floor at2 in roxys those were the days:hihi:
  13. im on shifts that sat finnish at 10 can i meet up with u all at roxys
  14. any body remember malc eliss dave glover mick thompson geoff beck colin hobson all worked at green lane
  15. meaks ar u a copper by any chance the gower was the top pub in pits
  16. wondered when u was going anser back wen u home next go 4 a drink if u behave nowt wrong with robbie:hihi:
  17. rusty have u tride finding these keys after a gallon
  18. wardy is always in the oak sunday dinners
  19. how u going on airborne long time no c hope yur keeping ok nice 2 hear you have a bambino now hope you calmed down from smashing things up
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