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  1. I'm a bit fed up with bf's son (at 6). I've posted a thread about it. Really dont know what's wrong with him. Briefly, this young lad is rough. He always punches people without reason, wees himself because of his laziness to go to tiolet, and always asks for gifts / new toys. He's like a pest to annoy people around him. Me and my bf have been trying different ways to "sort him out". However, sometimes he's good. Sometimes he's back to be a pest. I have to admit that this really holds me back from my relationship with my bf. It's not his fault but I am not sure if I am capable of or having any courage to manage this "problem". What should I do?
  2. Hi Julia, your idea sounds interesting. I would love to improve my Mandarin and I am a Cantonese native speaker. So we may learn from each other. PM me please if you are interested! It's always nice to meet new friend, cheers
  3. Some girls like wearing sexy clothings to show off their body but then pretend to be innocent and ask why people keep staring at me
  4. My friend's son (aged 7) has similar diagnosis, such as cant sit still, always fiddling things, no patience and cant focus on doing things. He has even had some aggressive behaviour to other people and bad temper outburst. He also wees himself quite a lot either at sleeping time or at school. The problem is that he doesnt see it as a problem However, he passed the ADHD test when he was at 3. So is he suffering from ADD?
  5. Also have some tissue paper, soap, bedding sheets. Will PM the coordinator in a sec for arrangement. Will also post a new thread on student forums and send emails to them asking for donation. Many university students are busy with moving home or packing stuff to return to their home countries. I believe they can help out!
  6. Hi everyone, I've got the followings available for donation to those flood victims: a portable TV, a futon mattress (for a single person), a king size quilt some clothes. Sorry I dont have any transport for delivery. So can someone collect them from me please? I'm in Crookes.
  7. I am with you, cgksheff. My bf's kids go to birthday party nearly every fortnight and always come back with gift bags. Sweets, cake and gift:loopy: One day, the young lad asked "Why we didnt have any gifts today in XXX's party?". What's the point to make our kids become material boys/girls? Edited: I appreciate parents' ideas to have parties for their kids. I just dont like the idea of giving gift bags.
  8. Skype is great!!!! Could also use it to call to mobile or landline. Well, not free but cheap.... highly recommended. I understand that those 0844 or 0870 could be registered. When someone use that number, the one who registered will gain money.
  9. I'm 33 but looked like 21 (maybe a bit scary ). I dont feel old but when I am in young age group, they usually make me feel like a "middle-aged old single woman". So I always avoid telling my age because their responses usually make me embarrassed. I hate that feeling
  10. Thanks everyone. I agree that the kids may be feeling insecure so they want more attention. I dont regularly see them but everytime when I stay with them, I often talk to them, listen to them, play with them. I also help bathe them, cuddle them and read bedtime stories. I have never scolded them. Honestly I love them but feel a bit fed up when I am unable to cope with them. I know they like me too as they have drawn me cards and always tell daddy about their feelings towards me. However, they sometimes behave inconsistently. e.g. At one time, the son was sitting on my knees to watch TV but he suddenly said to me "I'm not a baby. Dont touch me!". I was crossed with his rudeness so asked him to sit alone. Then he wanted my cuddling again. This made me confused:confused: Anyway I should really have more patience and spend more efforts. Wish me luck:thumbsup:
  11. Yes, I am not ready for this. I am fine to take care of normal kids. But he seems to be exceptionally naughty. One time when I took him out to the supermarket and we were lining up in the queue for payment, he kept shouting at the till operator "excuse me, we're waiting". I was really embarrassed as I couldnt stop him. His dad sometimes has to give him a smack in order to stop him to be silly. However, I cant do that. I understand that my bf feels sorry for them because of his divorce. So he is less strict to them. Their mum spoils them a lot. I dont really agree with it and I do talk to my bf about it. As you said, it's up to their parents' decision. Yet, I am thinking how I could do better. Also if I am really ready to be a step-mother of these naughty kids:gag:
  12. The son aged at 7 is the worse as I even sometimes find him completely out of control. He always asks his daddy or me to buy him toys, sweets, etc. when going out. Otherwise, he will keep wriggling, crying, yelling in public place. My bf does sometimes fulfill his wishes when he behaves well. I dont really agree with him. Also, whenever I ask him not to do something (which is dangerous or silly), he will keep doing it. He is clumsy and breaks things all the time. However, he is very clever. Now my bf's daughter also copies her brother's behaviour. Sometimes they are good and lovely. But they are naughty most of the time:( I am not their mum and really dont know how to sort them out. If I want to be with my bf, they will be the "side products". (Sorry for using this term but I think it's a good analogy:( ). Any advice from child-care experts? Or if I should split up with my bf as I really dont know how to manage them
  13. Sorry to hear that, dieselbabe. There are a lot of funny people around us. I have been yelled at some young las. They only wanted to cause trouble and make fun of you. So I think walking away is the best way to make them annoyed. This will make them no fun!
  14. I love hazenut, sesame, strawberry, chocolate ice-creams. Good to mix it with cream... yummy
  15. Oh.. I didnt look at the first post. Thought it's about student accommodation. I prefer self-catering:P
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