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  1. Jon26

    Watch repairs.

    Was it Dobson's? (although this might be a good few years ago now..)
  2. Jon26

    Watch your golf!

    Cheers RiffRaff
  3. Jon26

    Watch your golf!

    Hi was it the older marks they're after or is it all they're targeting? thanks
  4. Jon26

    Anyone lease a car?

    I leased a car in 2006 as it seemed like a good deal but it was only for 2 years. Prior to this and after I've always bought but kept them for 5 or 6 years. Overall leasing seemed cheaper however the only negative for me was it had a "fixed end" date this meant I had to make sure my new car would be there by the time the lease car went back.
  5. I love mine too. It's just not big enough and would love a bigger garage.
  6. I agree Woodview - actually I'd say this should be mandatory. And I also don't mean just working for government departments etc..
  7. Jon26

    Taxi knowledge test sheffield

    A generalisation I know but usually I find I have to give directions to Sheffield taxi drivers. I never have to do this in London. There are ones in Sheffield with decent knowledge but these seem to be fewer and fewer. Last night I got a taxi into town and the driver asked me which was the best way to go! Later on whilst sat in traffic I said aren't you allowed to use the bus lanes! So in short I'd say the council needs to toughen up their test. I reckon a lot of customers get taken on longer more expensive journeys than necessary.
  8. Alex Are there people in your company who offer to be mentors? Maybe ask your manager if this is available. One tool I think would help would be 360 degree feedback on your performance and behaviour - asking questions such as "what do I well?", what should I do less of? what should I stop doing? etc.. Get this from peers, your team, managers etc.. Given your role is about generating IP then be careful about what you talk about outside of the company. There maybe confidentiality clauses. If your company are willing to fund external coaches/mentors then there are companies (such as NewHabits in Nether Edge) which can help. Best Wishes
  9. Jon26

    Neighbours who feed your obese cat.

    Surely that depends on how big the owners garden is? Does feeding a cat mean they're not likely to use that house's garden as a toilet?
  10. Jon26

    Garages buying cars

    No it's true. They offered more than the Skoda dealers in Sheffield and Chesterfield. Yes perhaps you'd get slightly more by selling privately but it would definitely take more time, which is precious when you're dealing with a deceased estate and grief etc..
  11. Jon26

    Garages buying cars

    Back in 2012 I sold an Octavia dsg with 10k miles which was less than 18 months year old. I shopped around and in the end got the best deal from we buy any car.
  12. I did papers in the late 70s for Thompson's post office at the top of Meadowhead. 90p for two rounds on Sunday morning around Little Norton. I also did Sheffield Trader which I think was fortnightly and paid 1p per paper.
  13. Jon26

    Slip & Slide - Graves Park

    The event you organise in Lowedges Park is fantastic. The music from this one today in Graves Park was ridiculously loud. Sorry for all those disappointed kids and wasted cash.
  14. where a condensing boiler flue exits through the roof are there any restrictions on how close the flue terminal can be to things such as the boundary, other chimneys, vertical walls? I'm just wondering where I could site a replacement boiler if I do some alterations later this year. Thanks
  15. Hi Any taxis working today? City taxis not picking up.

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