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  1. What a good idea. I used to support the Samaritans Purse Christmas box appeal when I was at work - until I found out they were using the shoe boxes as vehicles for religious propaganda.
  2. I know it's hard to find the motivation, but I'm sure they'd find you somebody else if you asked them to. In any sort of talking therapy, it's vital that there's a good connection between patient/therapist, otherwise it doesn't work. You don't have to say she's patronising, just that you didn't gel, they'll understand.
  3. Unfortunately, the help available via the NHS isn't necessarily enough for some people. Have you tried contacting Help for Heroes? http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/get-support/access-h4h-hidden-wounds/
  4. How very dare you!! I am from Barnsley and strongly resent this slur on us Barnsleyites - we can speak English proper like what it should be spoken and write it right, too.
  5. If the threat of violence against a particular group of people is such a good deterrent, then I really don't understand why the EDL keep on "paying their respects". From what I can work out, the EDL is usually vastly outnumbered by members of the UAF and other groups, and these left-wingers (according to the EDL) are the ones who start the violence. If the prospect of being insulted/having bottles thrown at them/getting a good kicking doesn't deter the EDL, then why should it deter other people or groups?
  6. I was merely agreeing with you that one should ignore the hype. Whichever political direction it's coming from. ---------- Post added 12-06-2013 at 19:30 ---------- I always thought Boyfriday was intelligent and broad-minded. It appears I've been wrong all these years.
  7. Oh, dear, considering how intelligent you seem to think you are, you really don't understand the basis for a proper debate, do you? I'll try and explain it so you can understand: If a contributor states something as a FACT (as opposed to their own personal opinion), they must be able to back up their statement with proof. If they can't produce any proof, they really should withdraw the comment or confirm that it is an unsubstantiated personal opinion. If they don't, they risk other contributors coming to the conclusion that they are entirely stupid. Oh, dear, that's 2 other things you don't understand - the correct use of personal pronouns and how to use apostrophes. Not doing terribly well, are you? ---------- Post added 12-06-2013 at 18:37 ---------- Ahhh yes Muslim hate crimes have soared ... however, how much is it just the usual hype and exaggeration of certain agenda driven people, right wing groups, politicians and the media? Remember, don't believe the hype!
  8. Right, so you admit that the EDL's only reason for "paying their respects" to Lee was because he was murdered by Muslim fanatics. Which must mean that they basically don't give a hoot about the other soldiers who die in action. Or other soldiers who are murdered in this country - but not by Muslim fanatics. In other words, they are being deliberately provocative and using Lee's death to cause as much trouble as they can. And they're totally disrespecting the wishes of Lee's family. What a lovely bunch of people they are.
  9. Do you really think that SAAB has met any Muslims????
  10. My bold Can you quote any reliable evidence to prove that assertion?? If you can't, then you really should withdraw the comment.
  11. Not "provocative"? Can you tell me how many other times the EDL has felt the need to leave flowers as a mark of respect for one dead soldier? Unless they do this regularly, and for every single fallen soldier, once can only assume that there must be something special about this particular death. I wonder what that could be?
  12. I've just read this post on FB: "Says: **IMPORTANT!** Police have confirmed that shops in Attercliffe road, Firth Park and Pitsmoor will be closed on Saturday 1st June between 12-5pm as there will be an EDL march and demonstration across the city at this time. The EDL have confirmed that they will be meeting outside Meadowhall Shopping Centre and marching to the city centre. Can everyone who is out at this time ( Muslim and non-Muslim) be careful... These hooligans are unpredicatable. And can those who do not have somewhere urgent to be, avoid going out alone in these particular areas at this time. It's shameful that we, the innocent public and made to feel unsafe in our own city...May Allah protect us all." I am trying to find out more information about the route, etc, as I live in Firth Park. Can't find anything on the SYP website, though. Can anybody help with details?
  13. Who said I was skint? But I'm impressed you managed to make any decisions, let alone correct ones.
  14. Oh, don't talk such utter tosh! I wasn't "born and bred in Sheffield", but I've been paying my Council Tax, and was quite heavily involved in local community matters for years, for the past 28 years. And I know plenty of people who weren't born here, but have chosen to live here, and they've also contributed to the city. We're just as entitled to benefit from "fairness" in Sheffield as the people who, by sheer accident of birth, are Sheffielders.
  15. The stupid buggers at the Council wouldn't know fair if it came up and bit them on the bum. A million quid on this poppycock, while they're going round closing respite care homes. People are having to fight tooth and nail to get their elderly family members into the safety of a care home, because it's cheaper for the Council if they go back to their own homes and have 4 visits a day from "carers". It doesn't matter that they can't manage at home, or are in danger of falling and hurting themselves, or that the "carers" will most likely pop in for 10 minutes, at random times of the day, if they're lucky. As a feminist Lesbian, with mental health problems, I'm all for equality. But, as a former carer for my ma-in-law, I know just how difficult it is to cope, especially when you can't get any sort of break from caring responsibilities, because the funding isn't there. I really don't want my Council Tax spent on stupid projects that are all wind and watter and will make absolutely no difference to the lives of people, but just provide the Council with a nice little "tick list" of all the things they've done to "help" promote fairness.
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