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  1. Issue 17 of Sheffield Music Scene is our biggest issue yet with our main cover interview with Sheffield's hottest new band Mabel Love; plus lodas more interviews with critically acclaimed White Belt Yellow Tag, Britains favourite sweetheart Ellie Goulding, Best International Newcomer (2007 Kerrang! Awards) Madina Lake, Rotherhams very own The Magi, Midlands rock band The Maffa Kings, electro-duo Party Horse, one of Sheffield's finest songwriters Jubby Tayloer, and the irrepressible Bromheads! Of course we've got our usual live reviews mixed in with all that including Ian Britt + Spits n Sticks, Soundclash (inc The Culprits, Chatfield, Searching for Evidence, Century Kids, The Ratells, The Tivoli), The Renegades (fka Feeder), Joe Carnall & The Book Club, The Courteeners, Ruberlaris, Shakespears Sister, The Hosts + Jubby Taylor, and Bromheads. Reviews of the latest releases from Standard Fare, Two Skies, Risky Heroes, and The Exhibition; demo reviews of Jubby Taylor, Cruel Acrobat, Driftrun, Vex One, Embassy, Piskie Sits, The Hope Explosion. Plus we've got the final results of 90 Minute Melody 2 (Fantasty Football), more FREE downloads thoughout the magazine, and of course we announce the winners of last months competition to win tickets to The Cheek! http://www.sheffieldmusicscene.info/017/index.html
  2. Issue 15 of Sheffield Music Scene contains a special cover feature on Playground Mafia to celebrate the launch of their debut single "Let's Get On Down", and the chance to win a T-shirt designed by New Young Pony Club courtesy of Topman CTRL; plus interview The Monicans, a feature on Scrim; live reviews of The Violet May, and The Unfortunate Incident; and a review of The Monicans "A Beacon"EP . Plus we've got the latest 90 Minute Melody 2 (Fantasty Football) scores, and more FREE downloads in the magazine! http://www.sheffieldmusicscene.info/015/index.html
  3. Issue 14 of Sheffield Music Scene contains the picks of the best music from Sheffield in 2009 that we're calling "SMS Awards 2009", cover interviews with Kalenko, and White Circus Fever; plus live reviews of WADstock '09, The Pogues, and Baby Shambles. We've also got reviews of releases from The Exhibition, Pocket Satellite, Smokers Die Younger, and XRAY HORSE; demo reviews of The Longshore, Platinum Blind, The Rabbits, and Real Gone Kid (just click on the artists picture to listen whilst you read); and an interviews Pocket Satellite. Plus we've got the latest 90 Minute Melody 2 (Fantasty Football) scores, and several FREE downloads thoughout the magazine! http://www.sheffieldmusicscene.info/014/index.html
  4. Issue 13 of Sheffield Music Scene contains a massive cover feature with Dave Woodcock (interview, album and live review); plus live reviews of The Chapman Family with Jack and the Beanstalks supporting, Feelix, Jarvis Cocker, Bromheads, Anna Haigh + Neil McSweeney + Tom McCrae, Arctic Monkeys, Last Night's Mistake, Raw Talent Live 3 (including The Stoops, Dark Sparks, Sarah mac, Pistola Kicks, and La Folie), and Ruberlaris. We've also got reviews of releases from The Listeners, Party Horse, and Century Kids; demo reviews of Friends of Heroes, Jac and Cal, Spitfire Stone, The 48Ks, and The Hatrack Hangers (just click on the artists picture to listen whilst you read); and interviews with Century Kids, and The North. Plus we've got the latest 90 Minute Melody 2 (Fantasty Football) scores, and several FREE downloads thoughout the magazine! http://www.sheffieldmusicscene.info/013/index.html
  5. Following their recent session in 2fly we caught up with one hot Shef's hottest new bands The Headliners.... read interview
  6. You can read the review of Floodstock @ Leadmill... inc. The Hosts and Joel Stoker (The Rifles) as well as of course Milburn via the below link: Milburn @ Floodstock ...review Thanx to our friend Sean for writing another excellent review and thanx to Kev for supplying some quality pictures from the midst of all the action!
  7. Again TWO lots of news for you: ***FREE DOWNLOADS***The Dodgems - The Indie Hour acoustic (24 July 2007) Swings & Roundabouts, Candle Wax, Little Bird Into The Rain (medley) http://www.savefile.com/files/948260 if you like these songs please consider buying "You're Not What You Used To Be" & b-side "Swings and Roundabouts" by The Dodgems... details on their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thedodgems ...and don't forget to listen to The Indie Hour online every Tuesday 8pm - 10pm: http://www.myspace.com/theindiehour Also we've got video / audio footage of "Little Bird Into The Rain" - video footage courtesy of AliceAliceAlice! http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=15112583 AND ...our interview with one of Sheffields finest and best looking unsigned bands who've just finished recording some new tunes.... White Circus Fever: WCF Interview
  8. Two lots of news: A profile of The Speakeasy as a prelude to an interview in a few weeks after they've recorded some new material: read here And volume 2 of our Mix Tape, including exclusive tracks from The Speakeasy, Paddy Orange, The Stoops, Letters & Colours, The Strangers, The Headliners, Slice, Dirty Diamonds, Yezza and The Dodgems; as well as live tracks from Arctic Monkeys and Jarvis Cocker; and artwork from littlenic designs : click here for details Artwork by littlenic designs
  9. It's been a few weeks since our last feature but we haven't been idle... we've got a few interviews lined up and we've been working on a second mix tape. To keep things fresh we got our friend Denzil (The Indie Hour / Repomen / Phantom Power Records) to supply some questions for the interview with "Meat For A Dark Day" who are releasing a single today and are having a launch party later tonight: read interview here
  10. Cheers Mark. Will do! Dan Cutts's debut album 'From 4am...the silence sounds' is being released on London Indie label 'Genepool records' and will be available for download from June 18th we caught up with Dan to find out all about it. read more here
  11. Rock Revolution and The Basement Rock Club are Rotherham's only Rock / Indie / Alternative club nights. We interviewed the man behind it all Joz Wooten: read interview
  12. We'll add you to our friends if we haven't already done so. We've still got about 2-3 pages of friends requests to look through (we like to listen to each band and have a look at the profile before adding). Anyway we've posted an interview with Denzil from Phantom Power Records on our blog section that includes info on the 3 bands on their books: RepoMen, Balor Knights and Screaming Mimi. Check it out!!!!
  13. On Huw Stephens Radio 1 show this week (Wednesday night / Thursday morning) there was a bit of a Sheffield special featuring Slow Club in session and two DIY Labels of the Week - Phantom Power and Thee Sheffield Phonographic Society. Here's the link to his website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/huwstephens/diy.shtml There's info about Slow Club, PPR and Thee SPC which were featured as well as the track listing for the show. ...and here's the listen again link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/radio1_aod.shtml?radio1/stephens
  14. We've posted a review of Milburn at The Arches in Barnsley written by our friend Sean and with pictures by Mark Tighe. Read it here.
  15. We've completed our review of Arctic Monkeys @ Leadmill - 21st & 22nd April including setlists, photo's, what happened after the shows, and FREE DOWNLOADS!!!! 19 High quality live tracks from the Arctic Monkeys gig at Astoria on 13th April 2007 that was broadcast by Radio 1. We've also put 4 free AM downloads on our mainpage... 3 cover versions by AM and a cover of an AM track by Sugerbabes. And for an alternative perspective (by someone who's actually trained in journalism) one of our friends writes reviews for the Leadmill site... you can read a review of the Sunday night by Taras here: http://www.leadmill.co.uk/db/reviews.php?review_id=32 Coming up next week is a profile on Reverend And The Makers but in the mean time you can download a high quality live version of Heavyweight Champion from club60: http://www.club60music.co.uk/
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