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  1. "While people focus on petitioning to stop a Tesco opening, the Council are slipping in plans to build something of a massive scale on the old Dyson plant." Can't see anywhere in my quote where it say's it is the Council's fault ! Can you ? Tesco = Good, My Fee's for Surveying Dyson Plant for Council (Including Small Woods behind)= Good, My Fee's for Surveying Drains/Water Supply for YW Good, My Fee's to British Gas for QHSE Report = Good, Spending money on my new company vehicle Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 Autobiography Dynamic 5 door Auto = Not good. The Council don't own the site just overlooking the plans, it's the developer who could be building, just need to make sure the plans slip in :-) Sorry forgot to mention I have had to employ a Traffic Management company to assess traffic and advise SYT on increasing bus services to Dungworth...
  2. While people focus on petitioning to stop a Tesco opening, the Council are slipping in plans to build something of a massive scale on the old Dyson plant.
  3. Anyone know where I can get parts for a WhiteNight Gas tumble dryer BG411 locally. Found the part on line here http://www.gas-spares.co.uk/Catalogue/CROSSLEE-FIRES-DRYER-SPARES/gas-dryers/BG411-TDRY/SOLENOID-Brahma-black but need to get one on Monday if possible.
  4. I have built a small gym in the back garden 10M X 5M and would like to put a steel cladded roof on it. Is there anyone on here who works on this type of roofing. I already have the cladding but just need someone to advise/design what structure the cladding requires using something like Z beams C beams etc, or can you use wood. Thanks in advance Something like this but on a bigger scale http://www.steelroofsheets.co.uk/products.php?cat=59
  5. Just out of interest what are the estate agents called that you are using this sounds very similar to my experience.
  6. Shaun I have e-mailed you and if anyone else is interested give me a shout. We need to get a regular session going at this neck of the woods :-) Sorry about the late reply I have been a bit ill :-(
  7. I might consider it if we do a one off session until gym is built, how much does it cost any idea ?
  8. Possibly a door to door door salesman :-)
  9. Decided to build a 7 m x 10 m Matted gym at the bottom of the Garden to do a bit of training in, I will give you a shout when finished if you are still interested.
  10. I have called the Church Hall and asked them to cancel my booking so the room is now free. I am going to look for a permanent base in Stannington somewhere, so I can just set it all up and train whenever, as it was a good workout just transporting the gear to and from the church hall and then I never got to train. :-( Anyone got any good ideas on buildings that need filling in Stannington !!
  11. Started training at Wickercamp about 2000 to current day. Mick a couple of years ago invited me,one of my brothers and two others to do a private session with him every tuesday at 4pm. We did this for a year or so but due to our kids we found it hard to all get together on a regular basis. Mick not being the type of person to take peoples money for the sake of it said to me and my brother why don't you do a session and train the kids at the same time instead of coming down here and having to pay for them all. I purchased some Thai Pads, a few sets of gloves and booked Stannington Church hall from 6:30 to 8:30 and we just have a bit of a casual session doing a warm up, stretch, a couple of techniques/combination, padwork etc, just an extension of how Mick taught us on those Tuesdays. The adults contributed £3 and kids £1.50 just to cover the price of the room. It's funny you should ask about it as we have been doing it now for about 18 months and are going to be bringing it to a close as some of the kids other hobbies have now changed days and now clash, so we only had 5 of us last week and doesn't cover the cost of the room anymore. Its a pity we couldn't find a permanent room in Stannington so I could leave all the stuff set up and not have to lug it around in the van every Tuesday. Is there much call for Muay Thai in Stannington ??
  12. That knackered man would be me, there isn't a gym we just do a session on a Tuesday, its a long story :-) Are you a stalker, Private investigator, or TAX man or you interested in Martial Arts ? :-)
  13. I think its drab but Uniform, I wonder if the kids had a say in what they were going to have to wear for the next couple of years. If you want kids to become more mature you have to involve them !!. My 3 kids hate it, they say it looks like you are walking backwards. I think if they put the logo which is currently on the back, as a badge on the front it wouldn't be so bad. Also will the embroidery on the back shrink causing the material to gather. Anyway if you don't like it that much The Governing Body can be contacted in two ways: By email: enquiries@forgevalley.sheffield.sch.uk By post: The Governing Body for Forge Valley Community School c/o Myers Grove School Wood Lane Sheffield S6 5HG Obviously they wont scrap it, but if people object enough then they might phase some designs out.
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