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  1. i have not enquired yet. but I can understand car insurance will be slightly higher as it may appear you are driving a car you dont own hence statistically may not take good care of possessions you dont own. But I guess this is what you would have to be prepared for if you go down this leasing route
  2. looks pretty good this, what prices are people paying for what cars? seems a few sports men get cars from here
  3. anyone lease/pcp cars here? or recommendations its personal hire budget < £260 pcm miles < 8000 pa looking at c class/ or quite liking the new qashqais term 3 years (not wanting to keep car) wanting a new car every 3 years i did look at olds posts (http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=189855&highlight=car+leasing)
  4. i took some money out of bank via the counter, i asked for all 50's . before it was given, they stamped every note with a 1999 number on the edge . i was going to ask why , but i didnt , and its annoying me now. was going to put it all back in and use the ATM instead . why is this? prob for money laundering?
  5. thank you for the comprehensive answer. wow alot of things i didnt consider. yeah its just an ASP/SQL driven website for people to submit data for an UK based 9-5 office environment so peak around 11-3 pm over a 1000 Gb network. Im allowing about 100 users per VM web server so 3 x web servers for 300 users . plus one VM clone out of NLB (from loadbalancer.org) as a back up just in case of anything. then I got a UAT / test / train environment but these will be used minimally
  6. a techie question here. if you have 1x host (with say 3 x VM used as web servers). the 1x host is physically connected to a physical HW NLB. Obviously the NLB serves it purpose to share the load on all 3x VM web servers. but surely because there is a cable going from the 1x host to the NLB surely theres still a bottle neck? Or am I not thinking straight?
  7. you will never find msg free . all stuff are cooked in advance with some sort of flavoring . soya sauce in itself is a form of flavoring / msg. im allergic also, my throat goes funny / dry in night - all i can do is ask for no soya and put my own soya/ salt if i want it more salty.
  8. shes in breach of contract so its terminated so issue summons so they all have to leave then you can re let to her only. or as bad as it seems increase rent and they all bugger off = worked for me.
  9. Hi I got an idea l boiler goes to a honeywell st9400c. With pressurised tank . I got hot water fine. When I press extra hour for hot water boiler fires up and fine. I notice rads came on fine today at 5 pm but just now no heat at 8pm from rads. BOILER remains on zero. ive tried reset and when I press over ride I can hear the valve spin down. there's no resistance on one of the valves when I slide the spring. Im not sure if one for hot water and ones for the central heating
  10. Is it grainer games or something , looking to buy a mobile ---------- Post added 08-08-2014 at 00:27 ---------- Use to be blu e arrow recruitment
  11. any one does audio video installation close to wickersly. i just moved into a house where the previous owner had tv hung on a false plaster wall so ive obviously used the same . two hdmis cables come from rear of tv into the wall and re appear on the same wall but bottom right of the wall. it seems the second hdmi cable is faulty, i plug something else into hdmi2 of the tv and it works. i tried pulling on the hdmi2 cable, but there is no slack at all so im not sure if its snagging on a bit of dib dab plaster ! its a 3-5m hdmi cable ill need replacing
  12. to be fair according to the OP , the quotes for parts sound reasonable .think labour has added up , need to know type of car. maybe its really hard to get to the areas for example the fuel filter might need centre console or back seats ripping out to access
  13. Thank you for the advice I don't think I'll be buying a phone or high value item from this forum again then . for your information the last scrotes lived up in infirmary Road and I knew where he lived in a council estate ---------- Post added 22-03-2014 at 10:10 ---------- Just checked the scrote profile. He not logg in since 2010 and had 30 posts
  14. yeah i used checkmend which would show it up as ok. problem is they block it 2 months down the line when i took out contracts from CPW/O2 i got a receipt print out on one of them cardboard receipts always with imei of phone/name/address/contract duraiton / details im talking about buying out of contract phones not sure how unlocking it before hand will help , i had thought when its blocked , its blocked all networks? when mine was blocked i tried many other networks and it didnt work -i ended up selling the phone to a foreigner who could use it back in his country ---------- Post added 20-03-2014 at 22:49 ---------- yeah its about 50-60 quid difference from phoneshop and forum for gs4
  15. yeah thats why im thinking is the original receipt still proof of ownership if owner goes and reports it stolen/lost but then again whose to say phone was stolen with receipt
  16. i had a bad experience buying phone on this forum once with no receipt and was blocked 3 days later - when messaged seller all i got back was swear words. im now looking for samsung galaxy s4. having learned my lesson id like to buy one with receipt, but even if you do have receipt and its gets blocked - if i was to take it to the network phone shop in meadowhall is this proof of purchase? and it would get unlocked? it would be good advice for all of us.
  17. tyres replaced, drop link replace , and wheel bearing odd £400
  18. Any one have any recommendations. Abs light is on and abs keeps activating under light braking. Code reader says Rhs front wheel open circuit. Is it a failing abs sensor.
  19. Blush reddish cheeks Yellow/grey crest Green wings Grey chest Female Flew from broad street area. Parkgate Rotherham Today 10:00-11:00 No distinctive marks I guess Loves it's head/neck being stroked will keep bowing it's head down Only got a video of my bird
  20. took mine apart and there is a hard plastic abs ring . sort of o ring between the handle and fascia . it has disintegrated , easiest option is to buy a new a handle which is 10-20. but a o ring would only cost me a few pence! its going need to be an o ring i can split/cut and wrap around the existing door handle because its riveted . anyone know of an easy fix? i could just buy some assorted o rings
  21. i dont go to town centre any more because of that very extended parking charges till 2030 . there was a big yellow sign saying parking charges were being extended i now go to parkway retail park for home bargains , etc meadhowhall , parkgate retail park - morissons , asda , lidl , aldi near by all free parking
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