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  1. Help anyone know where i can buy sparklers in sheffield tomorrow
  2. Anyone missing a jack russell dog, white and tan. couple of children knocking on doors trying to find it owner on wordworth ave...............
  3. If it the one i saw last week on my way to work, it was near Buchanan Shop Chaucer school end. I stopped the car and tried to get near it, but it just ran off down near one of the houses. It a silver and tan colour and yes it did have a collar on, so i thought it may have got loose and was lost as it had appear to be just stood in the road, the car in front of me just went round it but i couldn't that why i stopped. Did keep a look out on my way back from work and looked on pets lost but to no avail.
  4. As this little dog been found yet? Will keep a look out live in s5 area..
  5. Yep my Cordyline are the same, so i think everyone's have suffered to some degree. The top of mine as broken off, so i have removed some of the dead part and will have to wait and see. A previous one of mine a few year ago fell over when we had those really strong wind, i replanted then all the leave fell off and i was convinced it was dead so i cut off the top as i was going to turn it into a bird table never got round to it and a year later, i noticed new growth so you never know.
  6. Sale Amount £150 Reason for Rehome / Sale Problem with Children (will explain in more detail if interested in buying) Time Scale – How Urgent? When suitable Has the Cat ever been in Rescue No Location Sheffield Age & Sex Female 16 wks Vaccinated & Wormed : Wormed Not Vaccinated Neutered & Micro chipped No Breed/ Mix Pure Persian Colour/markings Smoky Grey Long/Shorthaired Long haired Live in / Or in and out Either up to now Indoor Used to a cat flap Not Tried Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals A Dog but kept separate Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues None Known Temperament Ok no problem OK with Dogs / Cats Not sure Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching Yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching Yes Good or Bad with Children Ok i would say depending on age of children Dislike of Men or Women None Housetrained Yes Please PM for further info: Any further General Information you can share. You need a knowledge of persian cats as regards to eye care. Advertising on behalf of family member who as no internet.
  7. sorry fastfoods to jump are you thread but can i ask Are you doing christmas wreath and prices please.
  8. content removed. The re-sale of tickets for any football match is against the law. Please do not re-post either here or in the classified section. closing.
  9. Yep i'm another one, two toes on each foot. Also my mum as the same, quess that why I've got them. But none of my brother/sister have.
  10. Hi, Cassie my sister yorkie is still missing. Please any info,There has been No sighting at all. Please if anyone as taken her please bring her back. The NOT knowing whether she is safe is really upsetting......
  11. Yes she phoned everywhere straight away registered her missing online, she isn't microchipped unfortunately, Thanks would be great if you would keep an eye no sighting of her at all....
  12. No I don't mind at all thanks for that every bit helps.
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