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    I love clubbing, going to bars and meeting new people!
  1. I'm not even gonna read what everyone has put, all i had to do was read the title and the answer is YES YES YES!
  2. i would offer my time but once i have been to work i am really tired and cant be bothered to do anything! So at least if i give money it will help aswell. Just think if everyone gave a bit each month it would help so much. I suppose it would be hard for some people to choose a charity cus there are so many. For me it's easy, i love animals and it kills me when i see bad things happening to them.
  3. I was just curious to how many people donate to charities each month e.g. nspcc, rspca... I saw an advert today about a charity called wspa and it was so sad i felt like crying! They were asking people to donate £3 a month, which i think i'm gonna do because what's £3 a month?! It's one less drink down town on a friday night a month! http://www.wspa.org.uk
  4. Who went to embrace last night? MTV were there filming and i was very drunk!!!
  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! Lets hope 2008 is a good one!
  6. No buses can be as bad as the 94 to birley, they are ridiculous. Ment to be every 20 mins, yea right!
  7. Did anyone go shopping boxing day? I went to meadowhall, Jane Norman had a half price sale on EVERYTHING was half price i couldn't believe it, queues were massive though! Where did anyone else go, get any good bargains?
  8. How sad, we have only just gone past christmas!
  9. For the first time ever i didn't get anything 2 silly, usually do but haven't lukily this year!
  10. My money!!! I got loadsa other stuff aswell but got some fab things in sale today. At least i could choose what i really wanted!
  11. yeah i could look on high street shop sites, but i wanted something a little different as in the shops aswel lol. never used ebay, dont wanna start cus i will get addicted! Thanks 4 ideas tho!
  12. I'm looking to get some nice clothes, haven't really got time to go shopping much anymore so i could do with getting them online. I know http://www.boohoo.com and http://www.asos.com but do you know anymore? I would appreciate it if you could let me know of any!
  13. happy birthday for yesterday, u will have to make up for it at weekend!
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