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  1. Baby, I see this world has made you sad Some people can be bad The things they do, the things they say But baby, I'll wipe away those bitter tears I'll chase away those restless fears And turn your blue Skies into gray
  2. Yeah, we had timin, woah, woah, woah good timin Yeah, yay, yay, yay timin is the thing it's true Good timin brought me to you
  3. I go ape every time I see you smile I'm a ding ding gorilla and I'll carry you caveman style I'm gonna bump you on the head and love you all the while
  4. This Guardian article about Corona testing in Sheffield makes interesting reading! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/01/misleading-and-alarming-sheffields-coronavirus-figures
  5. Get back, get back Get back to where you once belonged Get back, get back Get back to where you once belonged Get back Jojo
  6. I'm gonna love you like nobody's loved you, Come rain or come shine. High as a mountain and as deep as a river, Come rain or come shine.
  7. The sun always shines down in my Rainbow valley. There's one that's always mine, down in my Rainbow valley.
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