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  1. I use the free video editing software that comes with windows 10. There are several tutorials on YouTube!
  2. Looks like I'll have to rename my MG Midget! Any suggestions? As for the River ISIS! A good name would be The River Crisis! after all it does flow past The Houses of Parliament.
  3. For toilet installation over the last 20 odd years it's not been a requirement to have the over flow pipe discharging to the outside of the building, most people are unaware that if the toilet cistern is overflowing the water is going down the WC pan. Very hard to see unless you look very closely.
  4. Read all about it! https://www.autotrader.co.uk/content/news/mandatory-speed-limiters-on-uk-cars-from-2022
  5. This YouTube video about deleting messages on Facebook messenger might help you !!
  6. EON along with most suppliers will only give their lowest tariff, if you agree to have a smart meter installed!!
  7. The price of gas is nothing to do with Brexit, (i voted remain) it's the same reason as to why the price of petrol has increased. If you're going to lose out on the sales of petrol/ gas then it's inevitable there's going to be a price increase. Don't forget hydrogen is going to replace gas in the near future.
  8. A bypass was proposed in the 70s to deal with the Woodseats traffic problem! The shop owners on Woodseats got this proposition turned down, saying they would lose the passing trade.
  9. Cloudy Pop!! Uber alles the bubbles burst!
  10. I recently purchased a couple of carving knives, one is marked up Made in Sheffield, the other is marked Sheffield Made, is there a difference?
  11. Yes having the flue sealed over may have inadvertently caused the problem, You've stopped the natural ventilation the flue was providing to the room.
  12. Israel are running stage three trials on a Covid drug!! https://www.timesofisrael.com/feeling-better-in-2-hours-covid-drug-for-critically-ill-starts-phase-3-trials/
  13. I guess the NHS is covering all bases! The ambulance chasers would have a field day if things go wrong.
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