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  1. :help:mark use to work at the oxfam wharehouse late eighties and early ninties we use to call him big mark just be nice to get in touch with him again catch up on some goodtimes we had
  2. i used to do the usual morning and evening paper rounds and my mum use to work as a warden in a old peoples complex so me and my bro use to go and see if they needed any chores doing
  3. i remember stocksbridge was some great places we use to do it on victoria road or street cant remeber but it wqs a steep hill rite down in to where the mian road and shops were were the old co op place use to be and also a place we called the dip it was near the stocksbridge sports center that was fun exept having to come back up as lol
  4. hi we used to go there most weekends paddling in the pool and messing abpout on them silly paddle boats we always ended up argueing over which way to go at millhouses park in the early eighties
  5. yer i remeber the nite owl used to be early hours of the morning if i remeber rightly some wierd ppl use to phone in
  6. left about 1995 to move to grimsby as family all moved up here
  7. i lived on there as a kid aswell it was a rite jungle we use to play knock door run with my brother and sister when we got bored i remember the old polish women aswell and the chippy we lived on high monmouth on the end i remember my brother falling over the doorstep and banging his head
  8. oh rite thanks 4 that yer there was a couple of big guys there
  9. i had some good nites out in roxys miss the place now tho i always remember the small bouncer that everyone went 4 and lost out to him
  10. im trying to trace a couple of friends from the oxfam warehouse in handsworth so if u worked there in the early ninetys please send me a message
  11. yes i remember the wap i always woundered how the hole got put in the speaker in the corner above the pool table
  12. yer i know what u mean the old sheffield is the best untill they destoyed it all and i remember the city clipper bus used to be free to ride round town center
  13. i miss the hole in the road and that fishtank i used to love that as a kid an redgates whenever i was in town with my mum i would get her to take me in there 4 a look around and also roxys niteclub had some goodtimes there aswell
  14. oh ok sorry mate then my info is no help
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